Learn to Conserve: Play Water Busters Online!

waterbusterswaterbusters(re-posted from Seattle Public Utilities blog)

Seattleites of all ages have a fun way to learn how to save water around their homes.

Play the Water Busters game and put your knowledge to the test. Don’t let high water bills soak you. When you play Water Busters, you find areas around the house where you can save water, money, and the environment.

The game is on the Saving Water Partnership website. The partnership, which includes Seattle Public Utilities, is a collaboration of local water utilities that provide water conservation programs in Seattle and King County.


Show Your Kids Where Our Tap Water Comes From

Learn where your water comes from. Join a Family Tap Water Tour this July and August.

This is the 1-hour family-style version of our Signature Tap Water Tour. Popular with multi-generational families, it’s bound to delight young, curious minds with short attention spans and high energy levels. The tour begins with a quick introduction at the Cedar River Watershed Education Center, followed by a guided tour bus journey through the historic Cedar Falls Townsite and a stop at Masonry Dam. This tour will not visit the Cedar Falls waterfall area due to construction projects during the 2014 and 2015 tour seasons.

All ages, $5 per seat (kids on laps free).

Learn more about all the programs and tours at the Cedar River Watershed.





Watch Your Watering – Peak Water Rates in Effect Now

Peak residential water rates are in effect from May 16 through September 15 each year. Peak rates incorporate a three-tiered rate structure with progressively higher rates as water consumption increases. During warmer months, we depend on water stored in our mountain reservoirs to meet customer demand while leaving enough water in the rivers for fish. Peak water rates encourage customers to use water wisely.

2014 Residential Water Rates

Water Usage Inside Seattle Outside Seattle Shoreline and Lake Forest Park
Off-Peak Usage (Sept. 16 – May 15)




Peak Usage (May 16 – Sept. 15)
First-Tier: Up to 10 CCF in 60 days




Second-Tier: Next 26 CCF in 60 days




Third-Tier: Over 36 CCF in 60 days




Note: One ccf equals 100 cubic feet or 748 gallons of water.