Seattle City Light Delivers Real Value with Electricity

Seattle City Light delivers reliable, environmentally responsible electricity to all our customer-owners at the best price in any large city in the country.

We’re also helping our customer-owners use less electricity, so they save even more.

Even with the recent rate increase so City Light can invest in reliability improvements, maintenance and other customer service initiatives, it only costs $2.09 for a typical residential customer to power his or her home for an entire day — lights, TV, washing machine, dryer, microwave oven, stereo, charging the cell phone and more.

That’s real value.

You could spend that much on a cup of coffee, an eight-pack of colored pencils, a Betta fish or a 250-count box of toothpicks.

A Betta fighting fish can be energetic, but it won’t power your day.

A cake pop can power up your snack break, but it won’t power your day.

Colored pencils can create powerful art, but won’t power your day.

Toothpicks can be a powerful cleaning tool, but they won’t power your day.