16 Seattle Firefighters Deployed in Eastern Washington for Wild Fires

August 19—Four Seattle Firefighters left this morning to head to Conconully Washington to assist in protecting homes and structures in the small Eastern Washington Town.

The Seattle Firefighters were alerted at 8:30 a.m. this morning that they would be heading to Eastern Washington as part of a 5 engine strike team including Bellevue Fire, Eastside Fire & Rescue, Kent Fire and Valley Regional Fire Authority.

16 Seattle Firefighters are currently deployed in Eastern Washington to assist in firefighting operations. All of the firefighters have received wildland fire training and have their Incident Qualification Card or “red cards.”

Earlier this month, four Seattle Firefighters were dispatched to the Reach Complex Fire in Chelan. The crews are part of a Type 1 Engine Team which is involved in structure and building protection.

Four additional firefighters were sent to the Kettle Complex fire in Curlew. One Lieutenant is acting as communication leader. Two other firefighters are working in radio communications. An additional firefighter/paramedic is acting as a field paramedic.

On August 18, four firefighters were dispatched to Fruitland in a Type 6 engine which is a pickup truck with a water tank and pump. This crew will be working in the wild land to extinguish the fire and cut fire lines.