Lake City Community Conversation Recap

On Wednesday, January 27, Mayor Murray and Councilmember Juarez joined community members, service providers, and City staff in a community conversation hosted by Lake City Future First (LCFF). More than 100 people participated in the lively event at the Lake City Community Center. Office of Planning and Community Development staff presented information about proposed rezones along Lake City Way and a draft festival street concept plan for 28th Ave NE next to the library and community center.

City staff are excited to continue working with LCFF, which is funded in part through an Only in Seattle Grant. In the coming year, we also look forward to strengthening partnerships with other great organizations. Some that also helped sponsor the event include the North Seattle Family Center, the Hunger Intervention Program, the North Helpline, Literacy Source, Mary’s Place, God’s Lil’ Acre, the North Seattle Chamber of Commerce, Neighborcare Health, and the Youth Tutoring Program.

Look for more information about those proposed changes next month on our Lake City Urban Design website. You can also contact:

Katie Sheehy
(206) 684-5345

Photo of Mayor Murray; LCFF Director Chris Leverson; LCFF board members Annette Heidi-Jessen, Ann Fuller, Brad Malone, Ray Robinson, Mariela Fletcher and Victoria Moceri; Srijan Chakraborty, Executive Director of the Hunger Intervention Program; and Janine Blaeloch, LCNA co-chair and North Seattle Greenways leader.

Draft Transportation and Urban Design Recommendations for Ballard

DPD and the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) have been working with neighborhood groups and non-profits to develop a coordinated Urban Design and Transportation Framework (UDTF) in anticipation of possible light rail to Ballard. The groups are organized as the Ballard Partnership for Smart Growth. The study, called Move Ballard, responds to the neighborhood’s growth and development and Sound Transit’s planning for a possible light rail extension to Ballard. The study will recommend near-term transportation improvements for the Ballard Hub Urban Village, evaluate potential high capacity transit stations (e.g. light rail, bus rapid transit), and evaluate possible Metro and Sound Transit investments in the area. The study will not look at alternatives for the Ballard Bridge and the Burke-Gilman Trail Missing Link.

Over the summer, SDOT heard the community’s priorities for future transportation improvements in Ballard, including preferences for a future high-capacity transit station. SDOT has evaluated and prioritized local improvements and transit station locations using information from community meetings, technical analyses, and adopted citywide modal plans.

The City and Ballard Partnership for Smart Growth are hosting an open house on November 18. Join us to learn about and comment on:

  • Draft prioritization of local transportation improvements
  • Evaluation of locations for a potential future high capacity transit station
  • Draft street design concepts
  • DPD’s summary of draft land use and urban design recommendations to guide new buildings


Meeting Details

November 18, 2015
6:00 – 7:30 p.m.
Leif Erikson Lodge, Large Hall (2nd floor)
2245 NW 57th St
Presentation at 6:00 pm.

Presentation materials will be available online at our Ballard Urban Design website following the open house. Review information online and contact the project planners to provide feedback:


For more information, contact:

Department of Planning and Development
Aditi Kambuj, Planner
(206) 615-1739

Seattle Department of Transportation
Chris Yake, Transportation Planner
(206) 727-8719

City to Discuss Ballard Transportation and Urban Design Improvements

Seeking feedback during May 7 open house

In response to ongoing development, the community’s desire to retain Ballard’s character, and Sound Transit’s planning for light rail to Ballard, Seattle’s Department of Planning and Development (DPD) and Department of Transportation (SDOT) are working with neighborhood groups and non-profits, organized as the Ballard Partnership for Smart Growth. This meeting is an opportunity to review recommendations for shaping growth in the Ballard Business District and to explore transportation issues.

The collaboration will develop an Urban Design Framework (UDF) and a multimodal transportation plan called Move Ballard that will articulate a shared vision to guide future development and transportation investment while ensuring Ballard’s people and places thrive. Through Move Ballard, we will engage community members to recommend innovative solutions for enhancing the transportation environment for all, regardless of how they travel to and through the area. The City and Ballard Partnership for Smart Growth are holding an open house on May 7 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the Leif Erikson Lodge to:

  • Receive comments on the draft recommendations to better guide development
  • Identify and prioritize near-term improvements for all forms of transportation in the Ballard Hub Urban Village
  • Evaluate and prioritize potential future high capacity transit (e.g. light rail, streetcar) station locations while preserving and supporting industrial and commercial employment in Ballard.

Tell us what you think about the future of transportation and growth in Ballard. Here’s how you can provide your feedback:

  • Attend the Community Meeting
    May 7, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
    Large Hall (2nd floor), Leif Erikson Lodge, 2245 NW 57th Street
    (Light snacks will be provided)

At the first meeting held a year ago, we heard that the community loves Ballard’s historic qualities and its tradition of industry. Many appreciate the growth of shops and restaurants in a beautiful, walkable neighborhood. However, they are also concerned that a number of recent high-density projects being built in the area do not contributing to Ballard’s character. There are also worries about affordability and that transportation improvements have not kept pace with growth.

The City then worked with the Ballard Partnership to define responses to the community input on the character of growth in Ballard’s core business areas. At the second public meeting last November, we received strong support for preliminary recommendations to shape new development, streetscapes and open space in downtown Ballard.

Review the background information here

Questions? Comments?

Department of Planning and Development Seattle Department of Transportation
David Goldberg,Planner
(206) 615-1447
Chris Yake, Transportation Planner
(206) 727-8719