Port of Seattle’s Terminal 5: Review of Proposed Use

Today Seattle’s Department of Planning and Development (DPD) released an interpretation regarding the proposed use of the Port of Seattle’s Terminal 5. The conclusion is an additional use permit is required for the proposed seasonal moorage of a drilling rig and accompanying tugboats.

This interpretation was generated in response to general questions DPD has received regarding a proposal to moor an exploratory drilling rig and two accompanying tugboats at the Terminal 5 facility for periods of approximately six months a year when the drilling rig is not in use in the Arctic.  The central issue is whether this proposed use requires a new use permit.   This determination is based on the information the Port and its lessee, Foss Maritime, have provided regarding the proposed activities at Terminal 5.

Media reports indicate that two drilling rigs are destined for Seattle: the Polar Pioneer and the Noble Discoverer. The information provided by the Port indicates that only one of these, Polar Pioneer, would moor at Terminal 5. This interpretation is based on the Port’s representations.

Read DPD’s Interpretation Regarding the Use of Terminal 5.