New Approved Legislation and Amendments

The City Council approved an amendment to the 2015 Seattle Building Code allowing Art Gallery spaces less than 3000 square feet in size to remain or be classified as an Mercantile occupancy from an Assembly-3 occupancy. We collaborated with the Office of Arts and Culture and the Construction Codes Advisory Board to modify the code language of three key areas that would allow Art Galleries of maximum size to be classified as a Mercantile Occupancy instead of an Assembly-3 Occupancy, while maintaining the protections of life safety as intended. We wanted to make it easier for businesses, like art galleries, to utilize their existing spaces.

The City Council also approved legislation for Seattle’s Technical Codes to clarify regulations, adopt amendments consistent with Washington State regulations, and make technical corrections from omissions and errors.

Additionally, City Council approved legislation adopting the 2017 Seattle Electrical Code that provides alignment with the Washington Administrative Code, while incorporating innovative Seattle amendments like setting aside infrastructure space for future electrical vehicle charging stations.

The 2015 Codes Are Now Available

SDCI’s Technical Code Development team is excited to announce that the 2015 Seattle codes are now available. The 2015 codes include the Building Code, Existing Building Code, Residential Code, Energy Code, Plumbing Code, Mechanical Code, and Fuel Gas Code. These codes are available on our codes webpage. The codes are available to purchase from the Public Resource Center on the 20th floor of Seattle’s Municipal Tower.

We want to give a big “thank you” to everybody that collaborated in the development of these standards that focus on building a dynamic and sustainable Seattle.

For more information about the Seattle codes, please contact:

Micah Chappell
(206) 256-5157