Pilot Streetlight Project to Begin in Pioneer Square & Pike Place Market

Starting this August, Seattle City Light will be piloting a program to improve customer safety, reduce carbon emissions and conserve resources by installing LED streetlight fixtures in the downtown Seattle area. The new fixtures will be evaluated for appearance, historical integrity and light levels. City Light is inviting customers to provide their feedback on the pilot LED fixtures.

The utility is testing LED fixtures in the following areas:

  • Pioneer Square: 2nd Avenue South between South Washington and South Jackson streets
  • Pike Place Market: 1st Avenue and Pine Street

Benefits of the pilot project:

  • The new LED streetlights will enrich the quality of lighting, improve pedestrian and traffic safety, and maintain the historic nature of Seattle’s lighting districts.
  • LEDs reduce greenhouse gas emissions during manufacturing as well as when they are in use. Additionally, about 20,000 tons of reduced carbon emissions per year are the result of fewer service vehicle trips.
  • The pilot program provides an opportunity for community feedback that may affect which fixture will be chosen.

What you can expect:

  • Maintenance power outages are not planned for this work.
  • Customers can expect some traffic impacts during the removal of existing streetlight fixtures and the installation of new LED fixtures. Parking may be impacted within the immediate area.
  • The test fixtures at Pine Street and 1st Avenue are temporary and will be removed at the end of the pilot project. The original globe fixtures will be reinstalled.
  • If the test fixtures at Pioneer Square are not approved, they will be scheduled for removal, following the decision by the Pioneer Square Preservation Board.
  • Once the data has been collected and presented, City Light will select an approved fixture. A replacement schedule will then be developed to address all globe streetlights in City Light’s service territory.

From August 15 – 31, customers can provide their feedback on the pilot fixtures by accessing the surveys below:

For more information, customers can contact Carol Anderson, Project Manager at (206) 733-9961 or carolj.anderson@seattle.gov.

Visit seattle.gov/light/atwork for the latest updates on these projects and others in your neighborhood.

ARTS wants to know: Cultural Space needs survey

The more we know about your needs, the better we can create opportunities to serve you. We’ve asked you a lot about your cultural space needs, and we’ve spent five years designing policies, programs, and projects to address what we’ve heard. Your guidance to date has lead us to look at how a new independent organization, created by the City but living independently, could serve you and your cultural space needs. Help us define this new organization and target the opportunities it represents. Please take this simple survey and let us know more about how you interact with cultural space.


An Invitation to Share Your Thoughts on the Future of Your Electric Service

Seattle City Light is updating its Strategic Plan to provide a progress report on your electricity service and outline the utility’s strategy for meeting the challenges of the next six years and beyond.

Your voice matters in this process. We invite you to share your thoughts in a survey about what the utility should be focused on in order to best serve you, our customer-owners.

While the Strategic Plan’s foundation remains unchanged, there are several initiatives under consideration in this update to help plan for a challenging future:

  • Efforts to replace fossil fuels with clean electricity to power transportation.
  • Taking action to adapt utility operations to prepare for and be less vulnerable to climate change.
  • And becoming a more agile utility that is better able to adjust to the fast pace of change from the increased use of solar power, battery storage and other technologies.

You can access the survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/strategicplanupdatecustomer

To learn more about Seattle City Light’s 2017-2022 Strategic Plan, please visit the Strategic Plan website.

Tech Talk 2015-07-30 10:59:45

2014 was a year of accomplishment and transition for the Seattle Department of Information Technology.

The Annual Report also shows what DoIt has learned about internet access and use in Seattle

Seattle Channel took home many Emmy Awards. DoIT laid the groundwork for Seattle’s national leadership on our municipal Privacy Principles and Toolkits. We also transferred just over 55% of the City’s 102,000 Web pages into our Content Management System (CMS) and ramped up the migration to the cloud in Office 365.

You can read about these accomplishments and more in the City of Seattle Department of Information Technology 2014 Annual Report.

The projects, metrics and analytics that were either started or completed in 2014 you can find them: our digital cities survey, the technology access and adoption report, infrastructure enhancements, WMBE purchasing, uptime statistics and much more.

2014 was a year where DoIT moved forward with major projects that will take years for completion, while, at the same time, accomplishing some very distinguished goals within the calendar year. The City of Seattle Department of Information Technology 2014 Annual Report  is an user-friendly accounting of DoIt’s accomplishments, metrics and outlook for the future.

Business broadband survey

UPDATE: The date has been extended! The new deadline is March 31.

The City of Seattle is looking for broadband input from Seattle businesses.

This survey asks about your current broadband services and whether they meet your needs; your satisfaction with the services that are currently available to business owners in Seattle; and what you believe the City’s role should be in bringing high-speed connectivity to residents and businesses in Seattle. The survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete. The survey will close on March 31.

A residential internet, cable TV and telephone services paper survey was mailed to 3,770 households in January. Results from the residential and business surveys will be compiled and included in the City’s Broadband study, set to be completed in April.


If you have any questions please contact the City of Seattle’s Office of Cable Communications at 206-684-8498.