FAQ: How can I help my produce stay fresher longer?

Answer: So many choices!

Properly storing your produce can make it last longer, prevent food waste, and save you money.

-Store bananas away from other produce (they give off a lot of ethylene gas and make other fruits ripen faster than they would on their own).

-Keep apples in the fridge (they keep ripening even after they’re picked, so keeping them in the fridge will preserve them for longer).

-Store lettuce and other leafy greens in a sealed container lined with a damp towel. To liven up greens that have gone limp, immerse them in ice water for 30 minutes.

For many more great food storage tips, visit SPU’s Fruit & Vegetable Storage Guide.

FAQ: My garbage wasn’t picked up! How do I report that?

Answer: There are a couple of options

House Residents:
If you’re near a computer or a smartphone, you can report a missed garbage, food and yard waste, or recycling collection online after 5:00 pm on the day it was missed. You can also call us at (206) 684-3000.

Building Owners/Managers:
Apartment and condo owners/ managers can also report a missed collection online, or call (206) 684-7665.

FAQ: What should I do with my empty prescription bottles?

Answer: Empty prescription bottles go in the garbage

Prescription bottle plastic is too brittle to be recycled, so used bottles should be tossed in the garbage.

What about leftover medicine?

Medicines in the home are a leading cause of accidental poisoning and flushed or trashed medicines can end up polluting our waters. To prevent misuse and pollution, dispose of any leftover medicine at a temporary take-back location in local law enforcement offices and pharmacies. Visit the Take Back Your Meds website to find a drop-off site near you.

You can also call the Household Hazards Line at 206-296-4692 for similar information specific to your location.

For additional questions on disposal visit our online Look up Tool.

FAQ: Can I compost my dog’s waste?

Answer: Nope!

Due to public health concerns pet waste is not allowed in curbside food and yard waste carts. All pet waste should be tossed in the garbage.

Tip: Double bag the poop, and tie tightly to remove air from inside the bag. Removing the excess air prevents the bag from “exploding” near workers, when compacted.

For additional questions on disposal visit our online Look up Tool.