Pet of the Week: Zoe

Zoe will be a loyal companion in her forever home.

Meet Zoe (ID 31366445) — she enjoys being around people and would love to stay near your computer, on your lap and by your head while you’re sleeping. Give her time to thrive in your household, and Zoe’s sweet personality will shine through like the sunshine she loves to bask in. Zoe has some quirks that will keep your household entertained, like using pet steps to jump more easily and going crazy over her catnip toys. She gets along well with other cats and would benefit from a calm and loving home. If you let her, Zoe will be the most loyal companion in your household.

While Zoe awaits her forever home, she’s in the loving care of one of our amazing foster parents. If you’re interested in Zoe, call the Foster Care Hotline at 206-684-0685 to arrange a meeting. For more information about the adoption process, visit

The Seattle Animal Shelter, located at 2061 15th Ave. W., is open noon to 6 p.m., Tuesday-Sunday, for adoptions and licensing. For more information, visit our website at

Pet of the Week: Cali

Meet Cali – serious about belly scratches!

Cali (ID 29025971) is sweet, snuggly and serious about belly scratches. She loves laying around the house and playing with toys while rolling back and forth. She’s a bit older — but she doesn’t know that! She has the enthusiasm and sweetness of a younger girl. Although she had problems with allergies, they are now under control thanks to some special food and a teeny tiny pill every three days (which she eats right up!).

Once you meet Cali you’re sure to love her and won’t mind her small extra needs. If you want a cuddle buddy with limitless love to give, get in touch with us and make Cali part of your home. Check out her profile to learn more about how to meet her, or visit our website to see other adoptable animals or learn about the adoption process.