Shoreline Substation Transformer Replacement Project

Seattle City Light recently completed a transformer replacement project at the Shoreline Substation.

Crews worked tirelessly to remove the old transformer, prepare the pad for the new transformer and then assembled it. The new transformer was installed, tested, commissioned and began serving the Shoreline community in late 2016.

Old equipment being removed from the Shoreline Substation.


New transformer installed and operating.

Now that the work is complete, the improvements will maintain reliable power for Shoreline customers for years to come. The substation is located at 2136 N. 163rd St.

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Shoreline Substation Construction Work to Increase Electrical Reliability

Beginning in early May, City Light plans to increase system reliability by replacing an old power transformer with a new one at the Shoreline Substation. The work will be similar to a new transformer installation that took place there in 2014. See the map for the location of the Shoreline Substation:












Construction will begin with jackhammering in the center of the substation yard during daylight hours in order to prepare the site for building the new electrical equipment. From approximately mid-August, crews will begin the assembly of the new transformer on its pad. Once assembly is complete, a truck-mounted mobile generator and oil processing tanker will be used to process the new transformer’s oil.

The upcoming construction work at Shoreline Substation is one of the many projects City Light carries out in order to maintain and improve electrical reliability in its service areas.

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