Green Lake Water Rescue

August 8—Seattle Fire Department’s Technical Rescue Dive Team pulled two unconscious young males from Green Lake Thursday night after more than a half-hour water rescue search.

At 9:30 p.m. a 911 call came into dispatchers at the Fire Alarm Center reporting a possible drowning on the east end of Green Lake near the pool. When firefighter arrived they learned two young males were missing after reportedly struggling in the water about 50 yards off shore.

Witnesses saw four young men swimming in the water near a buoy. Two men came to shore. Two others stayed in the water and went under without coming back up. The witnesses, who were also swimming in the water, rushed to help. They attempted to dive and rescue the missing men but were unable to locate them. These witnesses provided vital location information to first responders which helped divers pinpoint the last known location of the victims.

Using the last known location of the victims, two Seattle Fire Divers and two Seattle Police Harbor Patrol Divers searched for the men using a grid-like pattern Also assisting on the water were, two Seattle Fire surface swimmers and firefighters in a small boat. About 30 minutes later, an approximately 24-year-old male was found about 20 feet from the initial location where he was last spotted. Rescuers rushed the unconscious, unresponsive male to a waiting medic unit where paramedics and firefighters performed CPR on the way to Harborview Medical Center’s Emergency Room.

About 10 minutes later a second man was pulled from the water. He was found near the first male victim. Medics rushed the approximately 21-year-old male to Harborview Medical Center with ongoing CPR. Both males were found in 17 feet of water. The water temperature was 80 degrees.

One of the challenges for rescue crews was low visibility under and nearly a foot of silt at the bottom of the lake.

Seattle Fire and Police Chaplains were called to the scene to assist the family and friends of the victim.