10 Tips for Saving Electricity During the Holiday Season

With the holidays right around the corner, Seattle City Light urges you to join us in celebrating the season in an energy-efficient, cost efficient way!

Here are a few tips from us to you on reducing electricity consumption through the holiday season:

    1. Got company? Large get-togethers can quickly lead to increased energy consumption. Turn your thermostat down when hosting large parties – the extra body heat will provide enough warmth!
    2. Turn off the lights in your room when the Christmas tree is lit. The tree provides enough lighting on its own, and also adds to the Christmas mood!
    3. Dress warmer at home when the days get cooler. This is much less expensive and more efficient than turning on your thermostat.
    4. What’s a better way to enjoy the holiday season than turning off your electronics and spending quality time with your family?
    5. With all the food you’ll be cooking during the holiday season, make sure you’re saving electricity by not opening the oven door to check on your food unless necessary. Don’t let the heat escape the oven!
    6. Using an electric mattress pad or blanket is cheaper than heating your entire bedroom.
    7. Insulate your home. Plug up any leaks or cracks in your house, and replace your windows with energy-efficient models. Keep your home nice and cozy!
    8. Leaving for winter break? Most electronics use electricity even when they are turned off. Hook up your electronics to a smart power strip so you can completely turn off your electronics when not in use.
    9. Want to get into the holiday spirit by hanging up string lights? Opt for LED string lights – They use 90 percent less energy than traditional string lights!
    10. LASTLY – Feeling creative? Decorate your house with luminaries instead of string lights!