Council Adopts Rezone Legislation for Bitter Lake Village

On July 25 Seattle City Council adopted legislation to amend the Land Use Code to rezones sites in the Bitter Lake Village Hub Urban Village and to amend development standards. The zoning proposals are based on an inclusive planning process that led to the Broadview – Bitter Lake – Haller Lake Neighborhood Plan update and the Bitter Lake Urban Design Framework (UDF) that document the community’s development vision for the Bitter Lake Village Center. The UDF defines the land use regulations, streetscape design, and open space recommendations that will guide future development while ensuring Bitter Lake Village becomes a lively center for the community. In particular, it will encourage the development of a walkable business district along Linden Ave. N between N 130th and N 135th streets. The legislation will:

  • Rezone some Commercial 2 (C2) to Commercial 1 (C1) along Linden Ave. N.
  • Add a Pedestrian designation (P) to sites on the east side of Linden Ave. N, between N 135th St. and N 130th St.
  • Rezone sites on N 130th St. Between Linden Ave. N and Aurora Ave. N from C1 to Neighborhood Commercial 3 (NC3)
  • Rezone 2 sites on Aurora Ave. N from C1 to C2


The Mayor is expected to sign the legislation in early August.


David W. Goldberg
(206) 684-8414

Rainier Beach Station Area: Food Innovation Zone and Proposed Rezone

DPD’s Community Development team is preparing an urban design and development framework and rezone legislation to submit to City Council by the end of the year. Our rezone legislation is based on land use recommendations by the Rainier Beach community in their 2012 neighborhood plan update. The proposed zoning will support future development of a Food Innovation Zone around the light rail station that could provide the community with education, employment, and entrepreneurial opportunities. For more information, see the Rainier Beach web site at
 or contact:

Robert Scully
(206) 233-3854

Land Use Changes in Rainier Valley

New zoning and land use changes are now in place around the Mount Baker light rail station.   To create a more vital, walkable town center, much of the land around the station is now designated Seattle Mixed.  Seattle Mixed is a flexible zone that allows a broad range of uses.  Building height limits have been increased from 65 feet to 85 feet and 125 feet.

For more information contact:

Lyle Bicknell
(206) 684 0763