Customers Asked to Help with Final Restoration Efforts by Re-reporting Remaining Outages

Seattle City Light is asking all customers who are still experiencing power outages to re-report those outages to ensure crews have an accurate picture of the work that remains.

In many instances, crews have made repairs only to have circuits fail a short time later. Among the circumstances in which this can happen, is when equipment was weakened by the initial outage and failed after the line was re-energized. It can also happen when continuing winds cause new damage.

If you are currently without power, please call City Light at (206) 684-3000 to report it, even if you have reported that outage earlier.

The phone system will ask you to press t 1 to report an outage, which will require the phone number associated with your account or the account number. You will then receive an automated status update. Press 1 again to talk to a live person and wait while the system transfers you to a representative.

Thank you for your help. An accurate picture of current outages will help crews get everyone back into service as quickly as they can.

Duwamish Head Greenbelt mitigation and restoration work begins

In 2016 more than 150 trees were cut from the Duwamish Head Greenbelt, which is owned by Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) and Seattle Department of Transportation. The City of Seattle filed two lawsuits regarding the cutting. In April 2017, the City settled one of the two lawsuits. The funds from this settlement enable Seattle Parks and Recreation to begin removing and replacing damaged and destroyed trees. The settlement funds will also enable Seattle Parks and Recreation to carry out standard urban forest restoration work to protect hillsides and wetlands. SPR will remove nonnative invasives, implement erosion control measures, plant native vegetation, and monitor the site to ensure that new plantings become successfully established.

Large equipment will be moved into the north Duwamish Head Greenbelt and truck traffic will increase. SPR and the contractor will make every effort to minimize impact to the community. The project remediation and erosion control work will occur from July to December 2017 with planting occurring from November 2017 to March 2018. Additional restoration work and monitoring will last through 2022.

SPR is hosting two Informational Open Houses from 7:30 to 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday, July 18 and Wednesday, July 19, 2017. Please join us at 3201 35th Ave. SW at the dead end of 35th Ave. SW north of SW Hinds St.

All vehicles, or any other personal property items parked or stored on the public property in the north portion of the Duwamish Head Greenbelt must be removed by Sunday, July 16, 2017. The City may impound any vehicle or remove personal property remaining on the property after July 16, 2017. If you have questions please contact Michael Foster, Senior Real Property Agent, Seattle Parks and Recreation at or 206-684-0767.

For more information about the mitigation and restoration work please visit or contact Jon Jainga, Interim Natural Resource Manager at or 206-684-4113.










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How Seattle City Light Restores Power Outages

As Seattle City Light’s crews work to restore power to all customers affected by Saturday’s windstorm, they follow a set of guidelines for determining which job to work on next.

The utility’s priorities start with the transmission system, which carries large amounts of high-voltage electricity from power plants to City Light’s substations where the voltage is lowered for delivery to customers via the utility’s distribution system.

Within the distribution system, top priority is given to damage that threatens life safety, such as a sparking, energized wire that is downed at a busy intersection, followed by emergency services, including hospitals.

Next, the crews will focus their efforts on repairs that will bring the highest number of customers back. This starts with feeder lines that carry electricity from the substations and typically serve 3,000 to 3,500 customers. Lateral lines serving about 500 customers come next, then individual transformers with up to 10 customers and finally individual service lines from a transformer to a home or business.

For updates on City Light’s restoration work, visit our outage map. If you experience an outage, report it at (206) 684-3000.

Sat. 8/16 – Beacon Hill Volunteer Work Party

Tree Ambassadors build community and create investment in public green space.

Renew our urban landscape!  Come join the Seattle Tree Ambassadors in renovating the traffic triangle at 15th Ave and Beacon Ave S. Join your neighbors and help us take the first steps towards creating a wonderful landscape that all will enjoy by helping us pick-up trash, weed, and mulch. Meet at the Shell Station on Beacon Ave & 15th at 9 am. Tools, gloves, safety vests, and snacks will be provided. Contact with questions.

9 am – noon
Meet at the Shell Station on Beacon Ave S & 15th Ave S
RSVP here