New Tree Protection Notice Sign Requirement

Seattle DCI will require that tree protection notice signs be posted for all trees requiring protection on construction sites. This requirement will be effective on January 1, 2017.

The Tree Protection Area sign is a part of Seattle DCI’s continuing effort to ensure that contractors and construction workers understand and comply with our requirements for tree protection as part of the approved building permit. The tree protection area is typically defined by the drip line or extent of tree canopy. Frequently, workers don’t understand that construction activity is not allowed within the tree protection area, or that such activity can cause long-term damage to the tree’s roots. Workers also may not understand that they are not allowed to move the protective fencing around the tree. The sign clearly states the “do’s” and “don’ts” of our tree protection requirements. On the back, it will also give installation instructions and other useful information.

The applicant must attach the Tree Protection Area sign to the required tree protection fencing (or other approved protection) before any site work starts. We require the sign to be posted as a requirement of the First Ground Disturbance inspection.

If Seattle DCI determines tree protection is required for a project, the reviewer will email the applicant the requirements and a copy of the Tree Protection Area sign. The applicant will need to fill in the project number and print and laminate the sign(s) for water and/or weather resistance. The sign should be securely attached to the tree protection fencing.

For more information, contact:

Art Pederson, Senior Planner
(206) 684-0638