Lake City Proposed Zoning Changes

The Mayor’s Office has transmitted proposed zoning changes and development standards for Lake City to City Council. These rezones, which do not include height increases, would:

  • Change Commercial 1 zoning to Neighborhood Commercial 3 zoning within the hub urban village and along Lake City Way between NE 97th Street and NE 143rd Street
  • Change multifamily residential zoning to neighborhood commercial zoning along NE 125th Street
  • Expand the existing pedestrian designation approximately three blocks to the west and one block to the north, requiring active street-level uses
  • Allow more flexibility for ground floor uses outside of the business core
  • Create new development standards that will control building bulk on large lots


City Council will hold a public hearing about these proposed zoning changes, along with the Bitter Lake zoning changes, early this summer.

Download the Office of Planning and Community Development’s Rezone Analysis for more information about the proposed zoning changes.


Katie Sheehy
Office of Planning and Community Development
(206) 684-5345