Seattle Services Portal Update

It has now been one month since we implemented our new permit, inspection, and complaint system, the Seattle Services Portal (also known as Accela).  We acknowledge that these initial weeks have brought many challenges, but the system is working. Since implementation, we have issued 231 construction permits (all types), 1,463 electrical over-the-counter permits, and 60 mechanical permits.

If you are having challenges using the new system, our staff in the Applicant Services Center (ASC) are ready to assist you. In addition, computers are available in our ASC seating area for temporary use if you need help creating a Seattle Services Portal account, logging into your account, or applying for your permit online.

If you do experience any problems, check our issues and resolutions page where we list known issues and provide updates on their resolution status. We currently have updates on:

  • Viewing project documents
  • Preliminary Assessment Reports
  • Submitting Early Design Guidance applications
  • Responding to corrections
  • Scheduling inspections
  • Scheduling intake appointments (intake appointments continue to be booked about 16-18 weeks in the future)

This page is updated regularly, so be sure to check back it frequently. We also have many useful help articles in our Help Center, which will also continue to grow over time.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to resolve known issues. As we work to further enhance this new system, we are confident that we will be in a better position to provide quality service to all SDCI’s customers.

Printing Approved Plans

Almost 90 percent of DPD’s permit applications are now submitted, reviewed, and approved online using the DPD Project Portal. When DPD approves the plans and issues a permit electronically, the applicant is responsible for downloading these documents from their DPD Project Portal account and printing them to they are on site for the contractor and inspectors. It is important that the plans be bound as a complete set, with the approved Cover Sheet as the first page.

In the Portal under “Corrections and Documents” you will see the project, and after opening the project, you will see a list of Documents. One of them is the “Approved Cover Sheet.”  This document is produced by DPD and contains important information about the project. The approved Cover Sheet includes any requirements for special inspections, shop drawings, Pre-Construction Conference, and Land Use conditions. It also includes other information for the contractor and inspector.  This sheet must be printed and used as the cover sheet of the approved plans.

The “Approved Plan” and the “Approved Cover Sheet” must be printed full-sized, durably stapled together, and be on site for inspections.  If the approved plans are loose, have missing pages, or don’t include the approved Cover Sheet, the inspector may cancel the inspection, potentially causing delays in construction and an extra inspection fee.

For more information, or to if you have questions, please contact:

Cindy Hoover
(206) 233-2554