Seattle Animal Shelter Foundation to honor retiring police K9 “Ziva” at annual auction on Oct. 14

Seattle Police Department’s first female “generalist patrol” police dog to retire after 7 1/2 years of service

Ziva is ready for retirement after 7 1/2 years with SPD’s Canine Unit

With more than 5,000 police calls, 81 felony arrests, 23 misdemeanor arrests and more under her collar, Seattle Police Department’s K9 “Ziva” is ready for retirement this fall, as she nears her 10th birthday. In addition to her crime fighting with her partner A/Sergeant Mark Wong, Ziva has helped raise more than $40,000 over the years for local animal shelters and organizations, including the Seattle Animal Shelter Foundation.

Ziva broke new ground for “grrrl power” as the first female “generalist patrol” police dog — meaning a person-tracker as opposed to a detection dog that seeks out and detects drugs or other items — to work with the Seattle Police Department Canine Unit. For a few years, she was also the only female generalist patrol dog in the state of Washington. After she and Mark passed their state of Washington and Washington State Police Canine Association certification on Feb. 10, 2011, Ziva caught her first suspect on Feb. 11. From there, she built up her tracks and arrests, earning SPD Canine Unit “Team of the Year” awards in 2013 and 2014.

Ziva and Mark on stage at the SASF auction in 2016

She also found time to be a notable K9 and community ambassador, demonstrating her tracking skills at more than 100 events in Seattle area, performing at the Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show and raising money to help dogs and other animals in need. She and Mark became favorites at the Seattle Animal Shelter Foundation’s annual Raining Cats and Dogs Auction in which a lucky bidder would win a K9 ride-along experience, joining Ziva and Mark on their third shift patrol.

Mark and Ziva playing tug

“Ziva has had a remarkable career, and the Seattle Animal Shelter Foundation is thrilled for the opportunity to recognize her contributions to Seattle both on the job as a patrol dog and her off duty ambassador work. Ziva and Mark’s dedication to the welfare of Seattle’s families, including our cats, dogs, and critters, is evident in everything they do, and makes our city a happier, healthier and safer place for everyone,” said Whitney Allen, president of the Seattle Animal Shelter Foundation.

The Seattle Animal Shelter Foundation will recognize and celebrate Ziva at the seventh annual Raining Cats and Dogs Auction on Saturday, Oct. 14. For more information or to get tickets to the event, please visit

City of Seattle Opens Emergency Center for Seahawks Kickoff 2014/15

Drummers in Pioneer Square.

The City of Seattle activated the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and Joint Information Center (JIC) in support of the Seahawks season opener. Please direct all media inquiries to the JIC using 206-233-5072.

Kickoff is scheduled for 5:40 p.m. and Gates for the free pre-game Soundgarden and Pharrell Williams concert open at 2 p.m. and gates to the stadium will open at 2:30. Participants are encouraged to arrive early and be patient.

The Seahawks game, pre-game concert and other NFL events around Centurylink Field are expected to draw tens of thousands of people into downtown today, likely creating significant traffic impacts before and after the game.

Please allow yourself additional travel time if you’re coming into or leaving the downtown area before or after the football festivities. As always, carpooling and public transportation remain the best of the commuting options. Below are some reminders from the Seattle Police Department:

  • Cellular networks may become congested by revelers in and around Centurylink Field. Please help keep cell networks running along smoothly by limiting your calls, texts, Instagrams, tweets, Snapchats and Facebooks, particularly with streaming video.
  • If you are attending the game and the concert, enter the stadium using the southern entrances and go straight to your seat and watch the concert from inside the stadium (technology!)
  • Enter the concert site at 2nd Avenue and South King St.
  • Bringing anything into the game? Make sure it’s packed in a clear, see-through bag!
  • Refrain from harassing, threatening, or intimidating fans. That fan in the Green Bay Packers jersey might just be an undercover officer or a security official.
  • Updates can be found at and on

While the Seattle Joint Information Center is activated press should contact (206) 233-5072,