New Plan Set Requirements

Since its inception, the e-plan pilot (the DPD Project Portal) has instructed applicants to provide a dedicated space for approval stamps, preferably in the lower right hand corner of each plan sheet.  Applicants have typically failed to provide this space, which has made putting approval stamps on the plans laborious and inefficient –  which slows down the permit issuance process.

Beginning early in 2015, plan sets that do not include this dedicated space will be rejected at intake appointments.  So starting today, please set up your projects’ plan sets with this space allocated in order to ensure that your drawings are accepted for review.  The space dedicated for the approval stamps has to be in the same exact place on each sheet and should be approximately 4.5” wide and 1” tall, OR 2.5” wide and 2” tall.  The space can be in your title block or in the drawing space.

To see all the e-plan requirements, read our instructions on submitting permit applications and plans. Or, read just the excerpt on plan set requirements.

Note that some digital intake processes may be changing when we launch our new CAD reading software late in the fall 2014, so please look for updates.