August Permit Turnaround Times

We are committed to providing good customer service to our applicants. The permit turnaround data is updated monthly online and can be viewed at (go to “Turnaround / Approval Times”).

Type of Permit Goal August 2017 Performance
Simple Building IP* 80% in 48 Hours 95.48%
Medium Construction IP 80% in 2 Weeks 22.37% (95.4% in 5 wks)
Complex Construction IP 80% in 8 Weeks 53.80%
Construction Issuance 90% in 120 Days 82.16%
Master Use Permit Decisions 80% in 120 Days 75.81%

*IP: Initial Plan Review by SDCI staff

Seattle Parks and Recreation hosts educational workshop for community businesses

Seattle Parks and Recreation will host a Community Business Workshop on Tuesday, Dec. 8 from and 12 – 1:30 p.m. at Jefferson Community Center and on Thursday, Dec. 10 from 12 – 1:30 p.m. at Miller Community Center to give startups and small business owners the opportunity learn about the City’s permit and RFP process and to meet City staff and other business owners.

At the workshop, participants will learn:

  • About Seattle Parks and Recreation’s summer seasonal Request for Proposal opportunities and process
  • How to complete a seasonal Food, Activity and Fitness Request for Proposal
  • The difference between Seattle Department of Transportation and Seattle Parks and Recreation permits
  • What a leasehold tax is and who needs to pay it
  • What type of insurance is required for fitness and food vendors
  • About the City’s background check requirements and why they’re requested
  • Where to obtain a City of Seattle food permit


If you have specific questions about the workshop, email them directly to Antoinette Daniel at


Jefferson Community Center – 3801 Beacon Ave S Seattle, WA 98108

Miller Community Center – 330 19th Ave E Seattle, WA 98112


You write the vows, we’ll weed the venues

Nearly all of Seattle Parks and Recreation’s 465 parks are available for special events

Michael Grenetz and Rebecca Fischer will marry this August in Discovery Park.


As more and more flowers begin popping up in Seattle parks, it seems more and more people begin popping the question in them too.

A sunset view from Kerry Park or a rhododendron bush in full bloom in Parsons Gardens make beautiful backdrops for wedding proposals. They also make cost-effective backdrops for wedding ceremonies.

Wedding ceremonies can be scheduled in almost all of Seattle Parks and Recreation’s 465 parks. Ceremony permits cost between $120-$175 per hour with a two- or three-hour minimum. Garden sites and indoor facilities book on a rolling calendar, one year in advance of the date, but all other parks can be reserved on the first business day in January.

A September wedding in Golden Gardens photographed by Eric Rust (


“We’ll have about 20 people in line at the crack of dawn in January, even though we don’t open for hours,” Seattle Parks event permitting and scheduling manager Joanne Orsucci said.

Orsucci said the most popular venues are Dakota Place in West Seattle, Kubota Garden, Parsons Gardens, Mount Baker Rowing and Sailing Center and Golden Gardens.

A September wedding in Golden Gardens photographed by Eric Rust (


“A lot of people want a natural atmosphere rather than a heavily decorated space,” Orsucci said.

Two such people are Seattleites Rebecca Fischer, who works in health administration, and her fiancé Michael Grenetz, who works in nonprofit technology. The couple plans to wed this August in Discovery Park.

“We were initially drawn to Daybreak Star Cultural Center in Discovery Park, but when we realized that we could have the ceremony in the park itself, we jumped at it,” Fischer said. “We’ll have a lot of family visiting from out of town and want to be able to show off the beautiful views we can get from within the city.”

The couple considered the Golden Gardens Bathhouse as a venue, but thought parking may be difficult in August. They also discussed community center spaces but decided that Discovery Park felt unique and the most like them.

“We’re excited for the view and we like the casual feeling in the park,” Fischer said.

Orsucci said Seattle Parks never has a month without events, even during wet winters. She recommends planning ahead and booking desired venues early, whether they be for weddings, reunions or picnics.

“Parks are great places to recreate and learn about nature,” Orsucci said. “It’s just healthy to be outdoors.”

To learn more about reserving a Seattle Parks facility or space for an event, please click HERE.