Reminder: Get Ready for a New Permit System

SDCI will launch new permitting software in early 2018. All permitting, licensing, inspections, and complaints functions will be available in the new system. Our new system will affect applicants, interested members of the public, city employees who interacts with our system, and anybody who uses SDCI data. We have several articles in our Help Center that will help you navigate the new system to apply for permits, schedule inspections, search for information, and more.

If you are a current applicant who uses our Project Portal, SDCI will convert your account to the new Seattle Services Portal. You’ll receive an email closer to the launch date with your new account information and instructions on how to reset your password.

Our new system is 100 percent electronic, which means that customers will submit all applications and plans via the Seattle Services Portal. This includes Subject-to-Field-Inspection (STFI) permits, which are currently available over the counter in our office with same day service. Our goal is to continue this same level of service for applications submitted online, with the added convenience of eliminating a trip downtown. We will continue to accept STFI applications on a walk-in basis for a short period of time after we launch the new system. More coaches will be available to help you complete applications electronically in our office.

Stay tuned for a follow-up announcement with launch dates and other important information. You may also check our website for more information.

We’re Updating Our Permitting System in Early 2017

We’re replacing our current permitting system, Hansen, with new software called Accela. It will be easier to use than the permit portal we have now! In early 2017, the Seattle Services Portal will allow you to:

  • Apply for a permit, access project updates, pay fees, research property information, check the status of a complaint, find Rental Registration info, schedule inspections, and more all in one place
  • Access the information on your smartphone
  • Select project sites from a map, as well as with an address, when applying for permits
  • Pay fees more easily, with the ability to pay all outstanding City of Seattle fees all at once

We’ll keep you updated on all the upcoming changes and information that you’ll need to know. For instance, you’ll probably have to reset your password in the new Seattle Services Portal. We’re going to publish several how-to guides which will be available on our website. Don’t miss our overview sessions to learn how to use the new portal! Be sure to check our website for upcoming meeting dates.

Want to Participate in a Usability Study for Our New Seattle Services Portal?

We’re looking for volunteers to test our new our new permitting software that will replace our current Permitting Portal online. If you’re interested, please email Ann-Marie at, with “SDCI Website User Acceptance Testing” in the subject line. The deadline is December 31, 2016. Forms are available in our PRC.

Ann-Marie will schedule testing sessions for the week of January 9-13, 2017. You should plan on spending 1.5 hours of your time helping us. Free parking, refreshments, and a small token of our appreciation will be provided.