City Seeking Community Input on Projects in Delridge

The City of Seattle is collaborating with the North Delridge community to produce a shared vision and action plan to continue improving the health and equity of the Delridge community.

Delridge is an area in West Seattle with a rich heritage that is home to diverse communities and organizations. Over the years, the residents of Delridge have worked with the City to create neighborhood assets such as the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, Longfellow Creek Legacy Trail, Cottage Grove Park, and affordable housing options. Fifteen years have passed since the Delridge community completed their neighborhood plan and there are new opportunities to seize and challenges to meet. DPD and Department of Neighborhoods (DON) are leading the development of an “Action Plan” for the North Delridge area. They are co-hosting a public workshop with the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT), Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) and Seattle Parks and Recreation (Parks) to integrate multiple projects into a large community workshop.

Share your ideas about transportation, community development, drainage, and parks at our workshop.

Saturday, June 6
9:30 a.m. to Noon.

Southwest Teen Life Center
2801 SW Thistle Street

Light snacks and childcare will be provided.

SDOT will share existing conditions information and learning how the community currently uses the street, what works, what needs improvement, and what ideas they have about how the street could look and function in the future. The Delridge Way SW Multimodal Corridor Study seeks to transform Delridge Way SW (from SW Roxbury St. to the West Seattle Bridge) into a safer and healthier public space with more predictable movements of people and goods.

DPD is working with the Delridge community (primarily within the neighborhood planning area to the north of SW Elmgrove Street) to develop a shared vision and action plan for a healthy Delridge. At this workshop, the project advisory team and City are seeking review and comments on the potential steps the City and neighborhood can take to realize community goals, including: creating great community places along Delridge Way; addressing drainage and flooding; supporting on the Delridge Grocery Cooperative to increase access to healthy food; making walking, biking and taking transit an easy choice; and growing community capacity to take action.

SPU is developing a Natural Drainage Systems (NDS) Partnership Program. This program will achieve the water quality goals identified in the Plan to Protect Seattle’s Waterways by working with sister agencies and community partners to deliver high-value neighborhood improvements. SPU wants to know where in the Longfellow Creek watershed neighbors think natural drainage systems could meet neighborhood goals by overlapping with the Delridge Neighborhood Planning and the Multimodal Corridor planning efforts.

For more information:

  • Visit DPD’s web site and sign up to receive updates
  • Visit SDOT’s web site and take an online survey and share your thoughts about the future of the Delridge Way SW corridor
  • Visit SPU’s web site to learn more about natural drainage systems

Department of Planning and Development
David Goldberg, Planner
(206) 615-1447

Seattle Department of Transportation
Sara Zora

Seattle Public Utilities
April Mills