A Large Pot of Smoldering Food Brings Large Fire Response on Capitol Hill

January 6- A large pot of food brought large fire response to a Capitol Hill restaurant this morning.

At 12:47 a.m. several calls came into firefighter/dispatchers at the Fire Alarm Center reporting smoke coming from a building in the either 1500 block of Melrose Avenue. A full response was ordered and 15 fire apparatus and 40 firefighters were dispatched to the scene.  Firefighters arrived and found a merchant reporting a light haze inside his shop which was located in a block-long marketplace.

Firefighters discovered smoke inside a locked restaurant. A manager was called to open the secure  door. Inside firefighters found light smoke and a smoldering 5-gallon pot of food left on the stove.  The pot was removed from the stove. There was no evidence of fire just smoke from the smoldering food.

Electric fans were deployed to ventilate the restaurant.