SDOT Development Review Participation in the MUP Process

For the past year, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) has been providing enhanced participation in the Master Use Permit (MUP) process. We have updated the Preliminary Assessment Reports to provide more information and we have been attending Early Design Guidance (EDG) pre-submittal conferences. In addition, we have been providing the Design Review Boards with SDOT recommendations and reviewing the MUP / SEPA analysis for transportation impacts.  This is the Development Review Team! They are your project’s single point of contact from SDOT as you move through the MUP process to ensure improved service and consistent direction in the early design stages of development. Working in coordination with SDCI, other City departments, and development teams, we align SDOT modal plans and projects with development priorities and provide coordination opportunities between private and public projects. Our intention is to provide you with information in the early stages of development to avoid rework and delays in the later stages.

We will still provide input on the Preliminary Assessment Report and attend pre-submittal conferences free of charge. However, as of July 1, 2017, we will begin charging for additional review of MUP permits, per Seattle Municipal Code Chapter 22.900G.020. In order to have a consistent billing process for SDOT review of SDCI permits, the billing and invoices will be set up similar to the SDOT shoring review process. We will bill at an hourly rate, per the Street Use Fee Schedule, after the pre-submittal meetings and throughout the MUP process. More specifically for work beyond the initial stages of the process, including consultation on plan development and 30% design approval, coordination with the Design Review Boards and review of EDG packets, review of the MUP / SEPA transportation impacts and mitigation, and review of Construction Management Plans (CMP).

Seattle Municipal Code Chapter 22.900G.020 allows for fees for review by SDOT associated with the following review and inspection services:

  • School Use and School Development Advisory Committee
  • Major Institution Master Plans
  • Development (MUP) review
  • Pre-development submittal conferences and coordination
  • Traffic impact analysis
  • Shoring and Excavation

For questions, please contact:

Sara Zora
SDOT Street Use Development Review Team

Online Applications for Construction and Master Use Permits Applications Required April 4

As of April 4, 2016, all master use permit and construction permit applications that require plan review must be submitted for review online using the Seattle DCI Project Portal. The one exception to this is that applications for the “Early Design Guidance” phase of Design Review projects must still be submitted as paper applications, since our portal technology is not yet designed to accommodate these early pre-application plans. Projects that meet the criteria for STFI (Subject-to-Field-Inspection) may still be submitted on paper and in person at the Applicant Services Center.

We will not accept paper applications after April 4. Seattle DCI is making this change to streamline the application process, to increase the efficiency of permit reviews, and to reduce paper.

If you are unable to submit your construction application online, or if you have questions, please contact:

Steve Burns
(206) 684-7736

Five Plans Sets Required for MUPs

Beginning August 1, 2015, DPD will require 5 sets of plans for paper submittals of Master Use permits. This will help facilitate multiple reviews of the proposal, such as environmental, City Light, ordinance, and drainage reviews. We will continue to accept 4 plans sets, but the initial review may be delayed if the number of required reviews exceeds the available number of plan sets. If you have additional questions about this intake requirement please contact