Magnolia Streetlight Project Begins in April

Starting in mid-April 2018, Seattle City Light will be partnering with Crown Castle to pilot a project that will support enhanced cellular and data services in the Magnolia area. The project includes the installation of two streetlight poles with LED fixtures near Constance Drive West and West Parkmont Place. One of the poles will be configured with non-functional cellular antenna equipment.

Map of the construction work area in Magnolia.

Currently, the wireless coverage in the Magnolia neighborhood is insufficient to support the capacity needs of several wireless carriers due to the tough geographic terrain. This pilot project is designed to improve wireless services to the Magnolia area, allowing for better mobile coverage and capacity, improved call quality and fewer dropped calls. The project will also allow for increased public safety and enhanced-911 services to the area.

The new LED streetlights will make arterial streets safer by increasing their visibility at night. The fixtures will focus on roadway lighting.

Renderings of the Arieta LED streetlight fixture that will be installed.

Construction is scheduled to start in mid-April 2018. Daily work hours are from Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The entire project is expected to last approximately two weeks.

For more information, customers can contact Chelsea Watson, Crown Castle Government Relations Specialist at (850) 591-4639 or

Visit Seattle City Light’s “At Work in Your Neighborhood” website for the latest updates on this project:

Participate in Seattle Emergency Hubs Field Exercise on April 28

Imagine if all power and normal communications were down – what would you do?

Come see what your community is doing to be prepared. Join the Seattle Emergency Communications Hubs and the Seattle Auxiliary Communication Service in a simulated full city power outage field exercise on April 28, 2018 from 9:00 am to noon.

The Hubs will be practicing passing information on to the community at hub locations and also matching volunteer skills, information and resources with people looking for the same.

Participating Hub locations

Want to learn more? Visit the Seattle Emergency Hubs website for information and up to date details about the drill.

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Crews Restore Power After Outage Affects About 12,900 Homes, Businesses

Crews worked through the night to restore power to approximately 12,900 customers. While crews worked to restore power to an earlier outage, four circuit breakers relayed offline causing a cascading effect and a small substation fire. The sequence of events led to a larger outage. Affected areas in parts of Ballard, Magnolia, and Queen Anne were returned to power by 6:15 a.m. this morning, Saturday, January 20. The cause of the original outage is still being investigated.

Power Outage Affecting 12,900 Customers in Parts of Ballard, Magnolia, and Queen Anne

Seattle City Light  crews are working to restore power to about 12,900 customers in parts of Ballard, Magnolia, and Queen Anne. While working to restore power to an earlier outage, four circuit breakers relayed offline causing a cascading effect and a larger outage. The Seattle Fire Department is responding to a small fire that resulted in the Broad Street Substation.  An early estimate for restoration is later this morning, Saturday, January 20. Customers can get updated outage information at

City Light Continues Utility Pole Upgrades for Advanced Metering

From late March and April 2017, Seattle City Light will continue supporting Advanced Metering services throughout the utility’s service territory by replacing existing utility poles with taller poles, which will host wireless utility data collection equipment.

The new poles will be 70 feet tall, which is about 20 feet taller than the existing poles. This project is part of the communications network to support Advanced Metering, which will automate meter reading and enable enhanced services.

Rendering of wireless utility data equipment on a utility pole.

From late March to April 2017, City Light crews will be replacing poles in the following areas:

  • Columbia City
  • View Ridge
  • Magnolia
  • Wallingford
  • Bitter Lake

View the March/April 2017 Utility Pole Maps for approximate construction work areas. Additional maps will be added on the Utility Pole Upgrade website as the project progresses into other areas within City Light’s service territory.

There are no maintenance power outages planned for this work. Some traffic and parking impacts are expected in the immediate work areas. Crews will be careful to maintain access to driveways.

Daily work hours are from Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. In most instances, the work to transfer existing equipment and install the data collection equipment can be completed in one day.

Customers can contact JoAnna Perley, Advanced Metering Deployment Manager at (206) 733-9648 or

Visit the following websites for more information:

Seattle City Light’s “At Work in Your Neighborhood” website

Seattle City Light’s Advanced Metering Program website