New Legibility Requirements for Some Applications

DPD continues to streamline how we process permits and review applications for short plats, lot boundary adjustments, unit lot subdivision, and full subdivision applications. We are also adjusting requirements to meet King County recording standards. Therefore, effective August 1, 2014, the following items must be legible and easy to clearly read:

  • Linework
  • Handwritten corrections
  • Grey scale
  • Symbols

When you submit your application, you need to  make sure that any overlays or superimposed layers or lines on your plan does not make any information difficult to read and/or unrecordable.

For more information, see Tip 213A, Application Requirements for Short Subdivisions and Unit Lot Subdivisions, and Tip 213B, Application Requirements for Lot Boundary Adjustments.

If you have questions, please contact:

Onum Esonu
(206) 233- 7196

Public Resource Center to Process Some Corrections and Permits

In order to better serve our customers, the Public Resource Center (PRC) will process corrections and permit issuance for land use projects. (Our Plans Routing team will continue to process construction projects.) This change takes effect on July 1, 2014. In addition, the PRC will screen final plats and lot boundary adjustment for recording. You will no longer be able to drop off final plats and lot boundary adjustments at the counter.  To sign in for the PRC, please use the self-service sign in (Drop Off/Pick Up Window) box as usual. Please sign in with your project number.