Improved Process for Land Use Inspections

In February, DPD will start integrating land use inspections on construction permits into the current construction permit inspection system. We require land use inspections for development projects that required Design Review (including Streamlined Design Review and Administrative Design Review), or that has specific land use conditions that must be satisfied after we issue the permit and before the final Certificate of Occupancy. The improved process will help both contractors and DPD by:

  • Simplifying the land use inspection process for contractors by incorporating these inspections into our existing inspection structure
  • Identifying the requirement for a land use inspection earlier in the process
  • Improving communication between the contractor and land use planner
  • Improving DPD’s tracking and performance of land use inspections

For more information, contact:

Lisa Rutzick
(206) 386-9049

Stephanie Haines
(206) 684-5014