Firefighers Put Out Car Fire After Car Plows Into Daycare Center

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Seattle Firefighters extinguished a fire inside a car after the speeding vehicle plowed into a downtown daycare center this morning. No one was injured after the car drove through a large plate glass window and smashed through the daycare’s bathroom.

At 2:14 a.m., an automatic fire alarm inside the childcare facility alerted dispatchers to smoke inside the building. The first engine company arriving on scene found the Toyota Camry inside the building located at the corner of 8th Avenue and Stewart Street. The engine compartment of the car was on fire and smoke was filling the first floor room of the center.

Immediately, firefighters searched the burning car to make sure nobody was trapped inside the vehicle. Two searches of the car revealed the driver and passengers evacuated the car before the fire started. A sprinkler system helped control the flames until firefighters could extinguish the fire.

Before launching into the ground floor business, the car hit and knocked down a Seattle City Light pole. The impact of the car shattered plate glass windows and turned the window frame into a mess of twisted metal. Also, the car heavily damaged the kid center’s ground floor bathroom.

Several floors of residents evacuated the structure after the building’s fire alarm system sounded. After extinguishing the car fire, firefighters inspected the 2nd floor units to ensure the flames did not damage any of the flooring or walls. After determining the second floor was safe to reoccupy, residents were allowed back in the building.

For safety reasons, fire crews remained stationed outside while two truck drivers pulled the damaged car out of the building.  After determining there wasn’t any major structural damage to the building, the fire department turned the building over to the owner this morning.

For information on the police investigation into the car collision, click on this link.