DPD Rated as One of Region’s Best Internships

The City of Seattle is proud to be ranked among the top 18 internship sites in our region by NerdScholar, a financial literacy website for empowering students. These 18 internship sites were selected based on the unique and high-quality opportunities they provide for young professionals to grow and develop. NerdScholar reviewed the employee satisfaction ratings and Glassdoor reviews of hundreds of companies in Seattle in order to find the best possible places to be an intern.

Rutha (pictured below) held the City of Seattle internship highlighted by NerdScholar. She did her work through the Seattle Youth Employment Program (SYEP) in the Seattle Department of Planning and Development (DPD) and took a few minutes to tell us more about her experience:

Why did you decide to work with the Seattle Department of Planning and Development (DPD)?

I was interested in the Department of Planning and Development because they worked on planning projects that helped neighborhoods around the Seattle area. I was familiar with the particular neighborhoods they were working on.

How did this internship help you?

I was able to learn how to solve problems in neighborhoods by communicating with people that actually lived in the neighborhoods where the development was occurring.  I had the opportunity to see community leaders and City of Seattle staff work with a diverse group of people within their communities to implement a larger connection.

What are you doing now?

I’m an undergraduate student at the University of Washington studying computer science.

What would you tell students considering an internship with the City of Seattle?

I recommend this internship to anyone interested in learning the ways the City works with the community to help build a safe and healthy welcoming environment. If you’re interested in community development, apply today!

You can visit the City of Seattle Internship page to learn more about all of the internship opportunities we offer!

Paid Sustainability Internship Opportunity – Building Deconstruction

Maximizing the reuse and recycling of building materials is important in reducing our carbon footprint — help Seattle continue this effort.   The Seattle Department of Planning and Development is seeking a paid intern to assist in improving the incentives for the deconstruction of buildings.

The internship includes working with the Priority Green Program Manager to understand the state of the art in permitting incentives, performing research and outreach on regional and national deconstruction programs, interviewing permit applicants who have used the Seattle deconstruction incentive, and creating a report and recommendations on optimizing the incentive.

For more information see the job description and instructions for application. Applications are due August 19, 2014