Park inspection volunteers needed for new program

Be a parks inspector and help keep our open spaces maintained and welcoming!

A new program invites community members to assist Seattle Parks and Recreation in regularly surveying our parks in a systematic and transparent way. Parks Inspection Program Volunteers will receive training and work with Parks staff to carry out “check ups” of our city’s many parks.

The goal is to regularly evaluate our parks to identify problems and keep these precious city resources safe and inviting. Regular inspections will enable Parks staff to repair assets when needed and attend to any deficiencies exposed by the inspections.

The program begins in November 2017 and is recruiting volunteers now. Potential volunteers will be required to attend a training and commit to 1-2 inspections per month. We will work with volunteers’ schedules and will do our best to place them in their home neighborhoods.

We are excited about engaging Seattle’s community in the world of park maintenance, and are hopeful that you will apply. Information and details can be found on the Parks Inspection Volunteer Program web page; please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

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Fall Protection Safety Measures are Required on All Construction Sites

Fall protection is a job site safety requirement nationally and in the State of Washington. In our state, construction site safety is enforced by the Labor and Industries (L&I) through the Division of Safety and Health (DOSH).

Fall protection consists of a variety of methods employed on construction sites to prevent injuries from falls. The most common methods are:

  • Guardrails at open edges of platforms
  • Harnesses worn by workers and restraint lines which fasten them to the building
  • Covers over openings in floors
  • Safety monitor or safety watch
  • Handrails on all stairwells that are four steps or more; or rising more than 30 inches

Job sites are required to meet safety requirements and our inspectors are responsible to abide by requirements for basic Fall Protection. They are also obligated to comply with the State WAC rules. The applicable State regulation is WAC 296-155 Part C-1.  It is available for review on the LNI website.

If a Seattle inspector is at a site where an unsafe condition is present, they will not enter the unsafe area, which could result in failure of your inspection.

If you have questions or comments on Seattle inspections, please contact the Seattle Chief Building Inspector Dave Cordaro at 206-684-7933 or