City Light Employees Participate in Climb for Himalayan Children Fundraiser

Seattle City Light employees strive to give back to the community by participating in a variety of volunteering and fundraising events.

Recently, Len Kannapell and Scott Cooper of City Light’s Conservation division successfully climbed Mount Rainier for the 2015 Climb for Himalayan Children, a fundraiser to support the Contact Center for homeless children in Kathmandu, Nepal. The fundraiser supplies the Contact Center in Kathmandu with roughly 40 percent of its annual budget.

The climb took place July 16-18 and has raised $43,000 so far.

Kannapell has been a part of this fundraiser for nine years, with the first two years of the fundraiser being called Three Summits, where he hiked Mount Baker, Mount Adams, and Mount Rainier. Cooper commented that “[the hike] was very cold and windy up top, but well worth the (extreme) effort.”

Kannapell and Cooper are some of the many City Light employees who are actively seeking to help out those in need by volunteering at such events.

To learn more about the Climb for Himalayan Children fundraiser, visit: