Construction Crews Make Progress on Diablo Lake Barge Landing

Construction crews continue to make progress on a project to build a permanent replacement for a barge landing on Diablo Lake at our Skagit Hydroelectric Project.

City Light crews finished rockeries for the landing and have placed more than 75 percent of the concrete planks for the lower road to the landing.

Concrete planks installed at the barge landing.

A contractor is installing a rock fall barrier in the area.

This barrier being installed is designed to catch rocks that could fall from the cliff face above the Diablo Lake barge landing area.

The project team anticipates moving the east ferry landing dock and replacing the National Park Service dock next week (July 13-17). The exact date will be chosen to minimize impacts to visitors.

City Light’s heavy barge landing and the road that led to it were damaged by a rock slide in 2010. Barges are needed to carry heavy equipment to and from Ross Dam and Powerhouse. The barge landing replacement project will allow City Light to perform planned maintenance on large transformers and other equipment.

The final phase of the project will require the water level of Diablo Lake to be lowered so the new ramp can be built. That drawdown is scheduled Sept. 15.