2018 Fee Changes

The Seattle City Council recently adopted the 2018 budget, including legislation that implements SDCI fee changes in 2018 to cover wage increases that reflect our current cost of doing business.

On January 1, 2018, these service fees go into effect. As in past years, we are making inflationary adjustments to most fees. This year’s inflationary adjustment is 2.75 percent. As an example, our Base Hourly Fee will increase from $210 to $216. The Land Use Hourly Fee will increase from $315 to $324.

We are also implementing new fees for reviews of environmentally critical areas revegetation and hazardous tree removal. We will now charge the Land Use Hourly Fee for these types of reviews.

We have restructured our inspection and enforcement fee for temporary noise variances. The revised fee is based on the number nights that are permitted to have a noise variance. We calculate this fee by multiplying .25 of the SDCI hourly rate by half of the days that have a noise variance. For example, .25 of $216 is $54. One-half of a 14-day variance is 7 days.  Multiply $54 by 7 to get the inspection fee of $378.

New Director’s Rules, the Building Valuation Data (BVD) table and other fee-related information will be available to you on our website by the end of January.

SDCI Customer Survey

The Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections (SDCI) seeks customer input related to funding a Core Staffing Reserve. The Reserve works toward addressing customer service issues resulting from staffing challenges during recessions and subsequent recoveries.

You can help shape the future of SDCI by providing feedback regarding your experiences with us over the past development cycles, how fee increases would affect you, and what specific areas of improvement would provide you the most valuable benefits.

Please take our survey.

SDOT Development Review Participation in the MUP Process

For the past year, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) has been providing enhanced participation in the Master Use Permit (MUP) process. We have updated the Preliminary Assessment Reports to provide more information and we have been attending Early Design Guidance (EDG) pre-submittal conferences. In addition, we have been providing the Design Review Boards with SDOT recommendations and reviewing the MUP / SEPA analysis for transportation impacts.  This is the Development Review Team! They are your project’s single point of contact from SDOT as you move through the MUP process to ensure improved service and consistent direction in the early design stages of development. Working in coordination with SDCI, other City departments, and development teams, we align SDOT modal plans and projects with development priorities and provide coordination opportunities between private and public projects. Our intention is to provide you with information in the early stages of development to avoid rework and delays in the later stages.

We will still provide input on the Preliminary Assessment Report and attend pre-submittal conferences free of charge. However, as of July 1, 2017, we will begin charging for additional review of MUP permits, per Seattle Municipal Code Chapter 22.900G.020. In order to have a consistent billing process for SDOT review of SDCI permits, the billing and invoices will be set up similar to the SDOT shoring review process. We will bill at an hourly rate, per the Street Use Fee Schedule, after the pre-submittal meetings and throughout the MUP process. More specifically for work beyond the initial stages of the process, including consultation on plan development and 30% design approval, coordination with the Design Review Boards and review of EDG packets, review of the MUP / SEPA transportation impacts and mitigation, and review of Construction Management Plans (CMP).

Seattle Municipal Code Chapter 22.900G.020 allows for fees for review by SDOT associated with the following review and inspection services:

  • School Use and School Development Advisory Committee
  • Major Institution Master Plans
  • Development (MUP) review
  • Pre-development submittal conferences and coordination
  • Traffic impact analysis
  • Shoring and Excavation

For questions, please contact:

Sara Zora
SDOT Street Use Development Review Team

Street Use Fee Changes Effective Immediately!

Due to rising labor costs, the Seattle Department of Transportation Street inspection and permit review rates are changing in 2017. A 2016 annual fee analysis found that adequate compensation for increasing labor costs would require an increase from $196 to $209 per service hour.

This increase also comes with some fee drops. For example, occupancy fees for installing or removing public art will go down from $146 to $138 per hour, while private temporary use of the right of way will decrease from $305 to $146 per hour.

The adjustments take effect on January 1, 2017; however, to prepare tracking systems for the change, the new $209 permit review deposit collected with applications began late December.

For more information, see the Street Use 2017 Fee Schedule Adjustments flyer.

For more details on these changes, please contact:

Liz Sheldon
Street Use Operations Manager
Seattle Department of Transportation

The Street Use team works to review, issue and inspect up to 35,000 permitted right-of-way uses per year.


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