Repairs Over Water? Check With the City First.

SDCI is reminding residents that if they need to make any repair over water they need to check with the City of Seattle first.

Two common shoreline violations are unauthorized pier repair and the use of pressure-treated with for pier surfaces.

If you are making repairs, you will need to apply for a shoreline exemption. Learn about the types of projects that qualify for an exemption on our Shoreline Exemptions website. Tip 209A, Shoreline Substantial Development Exemptions Application Instructions, provides more information about shoreline exemptions and how to apply.

Pressure treated wood can be identified by score marks on the surface and a green or orange color. We don’t allow you to use wood treated with preservatives because it’s toxic to fish, doesn’t degrade, and accumulates in the environment. While treated wood is low-cost and decay resistant, the chemicals are toxic to humans as well as aquatic life.

For more information about shoreline regulations, contact (206) 684-5040.

If you want to file a complaint, call (206) 615-0808.