New Drainage Document Rules

Effective February 1, SDCI can no longer send legal documents associated with the approval of your Drainage and Wastewater Control (DWC) plan or the issuance of a side sewer permit to King County for recording.  All legal documents to be recorded at King County will now be reviewed and approved as part of the drainage and side sewer plan review associated with a building or site work permit. The applicant will record these documents before SDCI approves the drainage and side sewer plans.

Beginning February 1:

  1. The Side Sewer/Drainage Counter at the Applicant Services Center will no longer accept unrecorded legal documents.

    The most commonly required legal documents include:

  • Memorandum of Drainage Control
  • Side Sewer Easement
  • Joint Use and Maintenance Agreement
  • and Side Sewer Release and Indemnification Agreement


  1. Applicants shall upload draft versions of these legal documents into the Project Portal, along with the plans and associated documents needed for the drainage and side sewer plan review associated with a building or site work permit application.
  2. Once the necessary draft legal documents are uploaded, the drainage plan reviewer will check the documents for accuracy and completeness.  SDCI will send a correction letter asking for missing documents or any needed revisions.
  3. When complete, the sewer/drainage reviewer will notify the permit applicant that the documents are ready to be notarized and recorded at King County.  The notification will be either though a correction notice or email.
  4. The applicant will have the approved documents notarized and recorded.
  5. After recording, the applicant will upload the documents (including the recording number) to the Project Portal.
  6. SDCI approval of the drainage and side sewer review will be dependent on uploaded recorded legal documents.
  7. For projects that already have issued construction permits, the applicant will be required to submit the recorded legal documents when the side sewer permit is issued. Send draft legal documents to for review prior to recording.


Please note: Post building permit issuance, an applicant will be required to complete a formal building permit revision for any proposed revisions that will require changes to legal documents. SDCI will no longer make changes to the approved point of discharge for the sanitary sewer at the Side Sewer/Drainage Counter if it triggers the need for legal documents.

If you have questions about a project that is currently under review, please contact your drainage reviewer.

For general questions, please e-mail