DPD Raising Land Use Hourly Rate

Effective January 1, 2016, DPD will be raising the Land Use hourly rate 12%, a change from $250/hour to $280/hour.  The new hourly rate will be applied to billable review hours or fees that are linked to the Land Use hourly rate that are incurred on or after January 1, 2016.  The current Land Use hourly rate of $250/hour was established in 2001 and has remained at that rate for 14 years. During that time, hard and soft costs for the Land Use program have increased significantly, so it’s time to raise the hourly rate to ensure adequate revenue to cover the program costs.

Time to Get Ready for the 2016 Stormwater Code

The 2016 Stormwater Code becomes effective January 1, 2016!

DPD is hosting a series of training sessions to help prepare designers and builders for the 2016 Stormwater Code. The new Stormwater Code and Manual, along with a host of supporting documents, are now available on the Stormwater Code and Manual project documents page.

For information on technical changes, policy changes and how the new code will affect your project, please visit the Stormwater Code website.

DPD Announces New Department Administration Director

Evan Chinn recently joined the Department of Planning and Development as the new Department Administration Division Director, replacing Felecia Caldwell who is the new Workforce Equity Director at the Seattle Department of Human Resources.

For the past six years, Chinn has served as the Human Resources Director for the Seattle Department of Transportation. He has extensive experience with all aspects of Human Resources including the latest hiring practices, workforce planning, coaching, progressive discipline, labor relations and workforce equity. He is a problem solver who thrives on collaborative partnership. Chinn supported SDOT’s Race and Social Justice Initiative (RSJI) Change Team as the team’s Executive Sponsor for the past three years. In addition to leading DPD’s HR group, he will oversee and work closely with DPD’s Information Technology (IT) and Finance groups. Chinn says “I’m excited to support DPD during this time of booming construction and incredible growth for the city I love and am proud to call my home.”

Chinn earned his law degree and undergraduate Spanish degree from the University of Washington. He has also been certified as an EEO Investigator and a Mediator.

Mechanical Permit Applications Now Online Only

Attention Mechanical Permit Applicants: Starting January 1, 2016, you must apply for mechanical plan review permits online using DPD’s Project Portal. Paper applications will no longer be accepted. If you haven’t done so already, please create a Project Portal account. There are resources online to help you navigate the process and staff are available for questions in-person in the Applicant Service Center. This is the first step towards moving the permitting process online. Watch our website for additional information regarding this change.

October Permit Turnaround Times

DPD is committed to providing good customer service to its applicants. The permit turnaround data is updated monthly online and can be viewed at www.seattle.gov/dpd/toolsresources/ (go to “Turnaround / Approval Times 2015”).

Type of Permit Goal October 2015 Performance
Simple Building IP* 80% in 48 Hours 94.95%
Medium Construction IP 80% in 2 Weeks 16.18%
Complex Construction IP 80% in 8 Weeks 66.06%
Construction Issuance 90% in 120 Days 98.08%
Master Use Permit Decisions 80% in 120 Days 75.00%

*IP: Initial Plan Review by DPD staff