Seattle Police Release Stops and Detentions Annual Report And Data Behind The Summary

The Seattle Police Department has released a report summarizing 12 months of stops and detentions (Terry stops) from January 1, 2017, to December 31, 2017. In keeping with its commitment to transparency and open data, the Department also published the raw data underlying the report to the City’s open data portal, You can also access the Seattle Police Department’s Terry Stops Dashboard here for the most up-to-date information available.

Use of Force Remained Extraordinarily Low in 2017

The Seattle Police Department continues to provide use of force data to highlight transparency around our policy, process, and training with regards to use of force and how it is investigated.  This report builds on the previous publication and outlines use of force incidents occurring between January 1 and December 31, 2017.

The key findings are consistent with last year’s report, which is use of force overall remains extraordinarily low.

  • Officers reported using force of any level at a rate of less than one fifth of one percent (0.18%) of all dispatches to nearly 400,000 unique events.
  • Overwhelming majority (approximately 77%) involved no greater than the lowest level of reportable force.
  • Serious levels of force – force that causes or may be reasonably expected to cause substantial bodily injury – was used in only 16 (0.004%) of these nearly 400,000 events.

While each application of force is separately investigated and reviewed, overall the use of force by Seattle Police officers continues to be a rare occurrence. This report shows that officers implement, in practice every day, the de-escalation training and tactics that have earned Seattle national acclaim, while maintaining a high level of proactive law enforcement activity. 



Download the 2018 Use of Force Report.

Download the 2017 Use of Force Report.

Access the dashboards: Use of Force | Officer Involved Shootings

For more information on our use of force policy and investigations visit:

Seattle Chosen as Part of “What Works”

The City of Seattle is a leader in utilizing Open Data.  Websites like  and have demonstrated the City’s commitment and effective use of open data resources.

Performance Seattle home page.

Now, Bloomberg Charities just chose Seattle as one of the first eight cities to participate in the “What Works Cities” program.

In the next three years, Bloomberg Charities will give 100 cities part of a $42 million initiative aimed at helping cities develop data-driven projects that improve their communities.

Seattle will focus on integrating data and evidence into their contracts to achieve better results.

To learn more and apply to be a What Works City, visit