Online Applications for Construction and Master Use Permits Applications Required April 4

As of April 4, 2016, all master use permit and construction permit applications that require plan review must be submitted for review online using the Seattle DCI Project Portal. The one exception to this is that applications for the “Early Design Guidance” phase of Design Review projects must still be submitted as paper applications, since our portal technology is not yet designed to accommodate these early pre-application plans. Projects that meet the criteria for STFI (Subject-to-Field-Inspection) may still be submitted on paper and in person at the Applicant Services Center.

We will not accept paper applications after April 4. Seattle DCI is making this change to streamline the application process, to increase the efficiency of permit reviews, and to reduce paper.

If you are unable to submit your construction application online, or if you have questions, please contact:

Steve Burns
(206) 684-7736