Pedestrian Retail Areas Comment Period and Project Update

SEPA Comment Period

We have updated our preliminary staff recommendations for proposed pedestrian retail areas. We have also published notice of a Determination of Non-Significance (DNS) on the proposed changes, as a part of the required State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) review. A DNS means that we don’t think there will be any negative environmental impacts caused by our proposal. See our Project Documents page for more information and a list of documents.

The official SEPA comment period runs from September 18 through October 2 of 2014. Send comments about the DNS or potential environmental impacts to:

City of Seattle, Department of Planning and Development
Attn: Bruce Philip Rips
PO Box 24019
Seattle, WA 98124-4019

You can also email him at

About Our Pedestrian Retail Areas Project

DPD has been studying a variety of areas around the city to encourage new, and protect existing, walkable neighborhood business districts. These pedestrian retail areas will:

  • Preserve areas that offer a mix of street level pedestrian-oriented destinations accessible by foot, bike, and transit
  • Identify and encourage areas that have potential to transition to a pedestrian-oriented neighborhood business district
  • Encourage more walking, biking, and transit use to and within neighborhood business districts by preserving and promoting active destinations

We met and talked with community groups about our preliminary recommendations, and conducted an online survey that closed April 30th. We have reviewed the feedback we received and prepared updated analysis and recommendations.

A draft of our proposal is available for public review along with the SEPA environmental review on our Project Documents webpage.

For questions regarding the proposed amendments, contact:
Aly Pennucci
(206) 386-9132