More Seattle Firefighters Dispatched to Central and Eastern Washington Wild Fires
























































August 24-The Seattle Fire Department continues to support the statewide effort to fight numerous wild fires burning throughout Washington. Right now 19 Seattle Firefighters are currently deployed around the State including wild land firefighters on the front lines.

On August 24, 2015 three fire personnel including a Battalion Chief, a Lieutenant and a Firefighter were dispatched to the Okanagan County Emergency Operation Center (EOC). The firefighters are members of our Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) team.  The firefighters will assist Forest Service crews with peer counseling.

Returning tonight are four members of the CISM team who dispatched to Okanagan on Thursday, August 20th.  The Washington State Emergency Operations Center (EOC) requested the firefighters from the Seattle Fire Department’s CISM team to provide support in Okanagan.

On Saturday Night August 21st, three firefighters battling the Chelan fire since August 18th returned to Seattle. The firefighters were relieved by three additional wild land trained Seattle Firefighters.

Seattle Fire has assisted the State with multiple requests for firefighting resources as follows:

August 14, Seattle fire was part of a Type 1 Engine Strike team to the Reach Complex Fire in Chelan to provide structure protection. The crew has worked on the First Creek Fire on the South Shore of Lake Chelan State Park. Fire crews protected structures and also assisted in back fire operations to slow the spread of the main fire. The crews were also sent to Pateros and Alta Lake to assist in these fires.

August 15, One Fire Officer was deployed with Incident Management Team  as a Communication Section leader at the Kettle Complex Fire in Curlew. He was assisted by two more Seattle Firefighters as Radio Operators. A line Paramedic was also provided by Seattle fire to this incident. These firefighters have been reassigned to the Stickpin Fire.

August 18, four Seattle Firefighters were dispatched to Fruitland in a Type 6 engine which is a 4×4 pickup truck with a water tank and pump. This crew will be working in the wild land to cut fire lines and extinguish the fire. These firefighters have been reassigned to the Stickpin Fire.

August 19, four Seattle Firefighters deployed this morning as part of a King County Strike team made up of five engines from Seattle, Bellevue, Kent, Valley Regional, and Eastside Fire Departments to head to Conconully, Washington to assist in structure protection in the small Eastern Washington Town.