Uptown Urban Design Framework

DPD is working with the Uptown community to develop an Urban Design Framework (UDF) that aims to establish a shared vision for the future development of Uptown. The UDF will also aims to identify implementation actions for both the public and the private sector to realize the shared vision. Urban Design Frameworks in other areas of the City (Northgate, South Lake Union, Capitol Hill, and West Seattle) have resulted in concrete actions that advance community goals.  In November of 2013, DPD and the Uptown Alliance held a public open house to discuss key issues including:

  • Connectivity: How does Uptown connect to adjacent neighborhoods? How easy is it to move through Uptown for pedestrians, bikes, and cars? Are there physical or perceived barriers that limit mobility through the neighborhood?
  • Economic Vitality: How can we strengthen the business district in Uptown? What are the major opportunities that we can leverage to increase retail activity and employment in the neighborhood?
  • Public Realm: How can streets, sidewalks, and public open space support development of the neighborhood?
  • Seattle Center: How can we build stronger connections between Seattle Center and the neighborhood?
  • Housing: How can we encourage development of a diversity of housing types – measured both by affordability and type?

In June, DPD held the first of three design charrettes that build on the initial workshop results to provide specific recommendations that will become the Urban Design Framework. The first charrette took a high-level view of how different parts of the neighborhood function and relate to each other. Subsequent charrettes will focus on very specific implementation steps.  Participants in the charrette were invited from a cross section of neighborhood stakeholders to generate a robust discussion with a variety of viewpoints. The map below, one of the charrette products, defines key neighborhood nodes and how they might develop in the future.

We anticipate releasing a draft Uptown Urban Design Framework in early 2015.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, visit our website at www.seattle.gov/dpd/cityplanning/completeprojectslist/uptown/ or contact:

Jim Holmes
(206) 684-8372