Infrastructure and Paving Upgrade Planned for Nord Alley in Pioneer Square

Seattle City Light plans to replace aging underground conduit along Nord Alley in Pioneer Square in order to increase electrical reliability and capacity. The project is being coordinated with the Alliance for Pioneer Square, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT), and CenturyLink and features repaving the alley with brick. The project location can be seen below:











Highlights of the project include:

  • Increased electrical reliability and capacity.
  • Work is planned from early May to early July. No power outages or telecommunications outages are expected. Customers should expect noise from construction equipment related to excavation.
  • Though access to businesses will remain open during construction, access to the alley will be limited.
  • SDOT plans to repave the alley with Pioneer Square Preservation Board-approved brick.

If customers have questions they can contact: John Harvey, Sr. Electrical Service Representative, or (206) 386-4275. Members of the media can contact: Scott Thomsen, External Communications, (206) 615-0978, . Information can also be found at the project’s Website:


CenturyLink Announces Prism TV Price Increase

CenturyLink announced that the price of Prism TV video service will increase by $7.00, effective with March 18, 2016 billings. Except for customers who are on a ‘Price Lock’ agreement, the increase will effect all service packages and promotional offers. With the price increase CenturyLink’s new standard service rates will be:

Prism TV Package New Pricing
Basic $29.99
Essential $81.99
Complete $96.99
Preferred $111.99
Premium $141.99

The price of CenturyLink’s High Speed Internet modem will also be increased by $1.00.

If you are currently a CenturyLink Prism TV customer receiving a promotional discount on your service, but didn’t not sign up for ‘Price Lock’ when you subscribed, then your monthly service rate will increase by $7.00. You will also continue to receive the discount applied to the new rate for the remainder of your promotional period. Your rate and any discount should be clearly indicated on your billing statement.

CenturyLink has sent customers a notice alerting them to these upcoming price increases. If you have questions on how this increase will impact your individual bill, contact CenturyLink Customer Care at (866) 755-7435.

If you are a low income CenturyLink customer and would like information on whether you are eligible for CenturyLink’s service discount programs, call (877) 837-5738 or visit CenturyLink Low Income Assistance Programs.