City Light Recognizes inHaus Development as an Energy Efficiency Superstar

Seattle City Light will recognize inHaus Development and its Solo Lofts team as energy efficiency superstars at tonight’s game between the Mariners and the Red Sox.

inHaus is currently developing Solo Lofts, a 20 unit boutique condominium building now selling in Ballard. This all-electric, Built Green, 4-star project incorporates energy saving technology inside and out.

“We’re actively trying to do things better rather than slapping something on the wall and calling it green,” inHaus co-owner Dave deBruyn said.

Among the energy saving features are extra insulation, fiberglass windows, ENERGY STAR appliances, on-demand hot water and WaterSense® fixtures. The building is expected to use 18 to 19 percent less electricity than a similar building that was built to meet building code requirements. The building will also be wired so solar panels could be installed at a later date.

Since the inception of inHaus in 2010, energy efficient design has been an inherent part of its operations. deBruyn said certified energy efficient homes in Seattle and Portland have sold at 10 to 20 percent more than standard homes, which is good for inHaus, the environment, and especially for the people who buy the homes..

Seattle City Light is recognizing inHaus as energy efficiency superstars and for doing their part to keep conservation a top priority for you and the city of Seattle because the less we use the more we all save. Find out how you can be an energy efficiency superstar and lower your bill at your home or business by visiting