How to Stay Safe and Warm During a Winter Power Outage

Here we go again…

This weekend’s windy, snowy and yes, even stormy weather could cause short and long-term outages in our area.

When outages occur, City Light’s response prioritizes life safety first, followed by emergency services and then by repairs which will bring the largest number of customers back into service.

In the event of widespread outages, repairs can take hours, and significant events can take even days.

Here are some tips to help you be prepared and stay safe during a winter outage:


  • Report the Outage – If you experience an outage, please report it by calling City Light’s Power Outage Hotline at (206) 684-3000. Remember to give us your name, address, phone number and describe any unusual circumstances that could help us identify the problem. You can also visit the Seattle City Light Outage Map to get updates on restoration work, as well as following City Light’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.


  • Have Your Phone Ready – Cordless phones will not work without electricity. Have a corded or cell phone available. If your cell phone is your primary phone, make sure it is charged, and you have a phone charger ready. It’s a good idea to keep external batteries charged too.


  • Stay Away from Downed Power Lines – Downed power lines are extremely dangerous. If you come across any downed lines, do not approach or touch anything in contact with the wire as it could be energized and live. If you see a downed power line, call 911 or (206) 684-3000.


  • Keep Warm and Bundle Up – Try to retain as much heat as possible. Close windows, curtains, unused fireplace dampers, and have blankets ready to conserve body heat. Cold weather is especially hard on infants, children and the elderly. Dress in several layers of lightweight clothing, covering the head, feet and hands.


  • Have Your Emergency Kit/Plan Ready – Prepare an emergency kit if you haven’t already. Some ideas to include are a working flashlight, glow-in-the-dark stick lights, wind-up clock, portable radio, manual can opener and mylar blanket. During a major storm, have a plan for locating family members if you are not with them. For more information about emergency kits and plans, please visit


  • Use Hot Water Sparingly – Most hot water tanks will retain heat for up to 24 to 72 hours.


  • Close Your Refrigerator/Freezer – Keep your fridge and freezer closed as much as possible. A full refrigerator will maintain safe temperatures for up to six to 10 hours; a full freezer is safe for up to 2 days. In most cases, food should be safe if refrigerators and freezers remain closed while the power is out. When in doubt, throw it out.


  • Unplug Electrical Appliances – If you experience a prolonged outage, be sure to turn off electrical appliances to prevent fires and equipment damage. Some electrical appliances to consider unplugging before a storm hits include computers and televisions.


  • Be Cautious with Generators and Grills – Use generators with care during a power outage and always use portable generators outside in well-ventilated areas. Never plug a generator into your home circuitry. Instead, plug in appliances directly into the outlets on the generator. When it comes to the grill, do not use barbeques indoors.


  • Be Fire Safe – Do not use candles as a light source nor any open flame as a heat source.


  • Electric Garage Owners – Know how to use the manual override of your electric garage door if your power goes out.


  • Remember Your Pets – Household pets such as cats, dogs, fish and birds may require special care. Contact your veterinarian for more information.


  • Life-Support Customers – If you rely on electric life-support machines, make sure you have emergency power and know how to operate it. Make sure your system has an alarm to alert you if the power goes out.


If you experience an outage, please report it by calling (206) 684-3000.

Don’t forget to visit the Seattle City Light Outage Map to get updates on restoration work, as well as following us on  Twitter and Facebook.

For more information on how to prepare for this winter’s weather, visit

Traffic Detours on 1st Ave S between S Jackson St and Yesler Way Begin the Week of October 23

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) advises travelers that crews will be locating utilities along 1st Ave S between S Jackson St and Yesler Way to prepare for upcoming utility work. This will require detours in small sections along northbound 1st Ave S and westbound S Jackson St.

During weekdays from 7 am to 5 pm, beginning as soon as October 23 and continuing until approximately mid-November, travelers can expect:

  • The following sections of roadway will be closed one area at a time and detours will be in place:
    • Area 1: Westbound S Jackson St between 1st Ave S and Occidental Ave S
    • Area 2: Northbound 1st Ave S between S Jackson St and S Main St
    • Area 3: Northbound 1st Ave S between S Main St and S Washington St
    • Area 4: Northbound 1st Ave S between S Washington St and Yesler Way
  • Traffic will be detoured during work hours: 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday
  • Uniformed police officers will direct traffic at signalized intersections
  • Parking restrictions will be in place in portions of 1st Ave S between S Jackson St and Yesler Way and on some intersecting streets
  • Sidewalks will remain open

This is part of utility construction work in advance of the Center City Connector Streetcar project. Please visit the project web page for more information:

SDOT would like to thank the public for its patience while this work is completed.

Paving on 40th Ave NE near NE 70th St October 5th -6th

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) advises travelers that crews will be repaving 40th Avenue NE between NE 70th and NE 72nd Streets starting Thursday, October 5 to Friday, October 6.


From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily, beginning Thursday, October 5 to Friday, October 6, travelers can expect:


  • 40th Ave NE will be closed to all traffic during work hours
    • Street will be detoured
    • Flaggers will direct traffic
    • Uniformed Police Officers will assist traffic in the area
  • No parking on 40th Ave NE in the work zone
    • “No Parking” signs will be placed 72 hours prior to start of work
  • Driveway access will be limited but accessible overnight
  • Sidewalks will not be impacted

This work is part of the Arterial Major Maintenance (AMM) program, funded by the Move Seattle Levy.

SDOT would like to thank the public for its patience while this work is completed.

Notice Of Public Hearing On Proposed Rules For Public Disclosure And Fee Collection

Notice of Public Hearing and Opportunity to Comment on Proposed Rules Relating to Public Disclosure and the Collection of Fees Associated with Providing Copies of Records

Washington’s Public Records Act (PRA) has allowed agencies to impose a reasonable charge for providing copies of public records since it was adopted by voter initiative in 1972. While the PRA contained language regarding photocopies of paper records for years, it has not specifically addressed copies of electronic records until the legislature recently adopted amendments that go into effect on July 23. Those amendments state that an agency may establish charges for providing copies of electronically produced records based on a cost study of the actual cost to the agency of providing those copies. The City of Seattle will be holding a public hearing in connection with the proposed adoption of two rules relating to public disclosure and the collection of fees associated with providing copies of records:

  • Citywide Policy on Public Disclosure
  • Fee Schedule for Records Delivery

The hearing will be on June 30th, 3:00-4:30 p.m., on the 40th  floor of the Seattle Municipal Tower in room 4050/4060, located at 700 Fifth Avenue, Seattle, WA 98124.

Click here for additional information.

News Release: Limited garbage pickup resumes today

Residential customers on a revised schedule this week. No residential pickup south of I-90 today.

February 7, 2017Commercial garbage, recycling or food/yard waste pickup resumed today across Seattle. Collections for residential customers partially resumed today on a revised schedule based on the solid waste contractors’ assessment of neighborhood road conditions:

  • Monday residential customers, north of I-90 will be collected today (Tuesday).
  • Monday residential customers, south of I-90: Due to continued icy conditions, there is no residential garbage, recycling or food/yard waste pickup in these areas again today. Customers should put out materials on their next regularly scheduled pick up day (next Monday), as described below.
  • Tuesday residential customers will be collected tomorrow (Wednesday), weather and road conditions permitting.
  • Wednesday, Thursday and Friday services will all be delayed one day this week. (Friday customers will receive service on Saturday.)

For Monday residential customers south of I-90 or other customers not serviced this week due to icy roads, please put containers out on your next regularly scheduled pickup day. (This includes recycling even if next Monday isn’t your usual recycling collection day.) Customers missed this week will be allowed to set out double their normal amount of garbage, recycling and yard waste at no additional charge, on their next scheduled collection day. Please use extra bags or boxes for the additional materials.

For service updates, please check Follow SPU on Twitter: