Kittens, kittens, kittens at Seattle’s “Kitty Hall”

Fourth annual event encourages cat adoptions, highlights foster program

It was kittens abound on Monday, Aug. 21, as Seattle City Hall became “Kitty Hall” for the day, renamed in a proclamation by Mayor Murray. The fourth annual Kitty Hall event highlighted the Seattle Animal Shelter’s adoptable cats and its foster program. Twenty kittens were on hand, and the centerpiece of the event – the kitten tent – returned, this time with two tents in which the public was invited to play with the kittens.

Before the event began, two kittens visited Mayor Murray in his office before he arrived to tour Kitty Hall and great attendees. Shelter staff processed adoption applications on-site, and seven kittens found their forever homes. Staff and volunteers provided a photo booth for eager kitten cuddlers, and they offered attendees information about pet licensing, shelter programs and services and other adoptable animals.

During the event, donations were collected to vote in the Kitty Council election, which featured three adult cats campaigning to be the “Kitty Council president” – complete with platforms like pet licenses for cats, the importance of spaying and neutering and, of course, catnip for all. Rita, a 12-year-old domestic shorthair mix, won the election and was named the Kitty Council president.

The Mayor’s Kitty Hall proclamation is available here:

Photos of the event are available here:

The Seattle Animal Shelter, located at 2061 15th Ave. W., is open from noon to 6 p.m. Tuesday-Sunday for adoptions and licensing. For more information, call 206-386-PETS (7387) or visit

City Hall to become “Kitty Hall” for the day

Fourth annual Kitty Hall event return to raise awareness and encourage cat adoptions

Something magical is happening next Monday, and it’s not taking place in the sky. On Aug. 21, kittens will once again descend on City Hall, when Mayor Ed Murray proclaims it “Kitty Hall” for the day for the fourth consecutive year and the public is invited to meet, greet and cuddle kittens.

WHAT: Seattle Animal Shelter’s Fourth Annual Kitty Hall

WHEN: Monday, Aug. 21, 11 a.m.–1 p.m.

WHERE: Seattle Kitty Hall’s Bertha Knight Landes Room, 600 Fourth Ave.

The centerpiece of the Kitty Hall event is the enclosed kitten tent, where the public is invited to enter and play with kittens, many of which will be available for adoption that day. The intoxicating draw of kittens has been evident at previous Kitty Hall events, where attendees waited in long lines just for a couple of minutes with the kittens. This year, the Seattle Animal Shelter will host at least two kitten tents to reduce wait times.

Returning this year is the “Kitty Council,” which features adoptable adult cats vying to be named the “Kitty Council president.” The shelter is asking attendees to make donations and vote for their favorite candidate. The event will also include a kitten photo booth and educational displays about the Seattle Animal Shelter and its programs, and Seattle residents will be able to purchase pet licenses for their cats and dogs.

SAS cat foster parent Lauren Foster has volunteered at previous Kitty Hall events and offered a word of warning to attendees.

“Your cheeks are going to hurt from smiling so much,” she said.

Kitty Hall highlights the shelter’s foster care program and promotes shelter cat adoptions. Many of the kittens and the three cats at Monday’s event will be available for on-site adoption, and potential adopters can place “first choice” holds on the kittens that are currently too young for adoption.

“This event is one of our favorites, because it not only calls attention to adopting shelter animals and the incredible cats in our care, it’s also an event that makes everyone happy,” said Ann Graves, Seattle Animal Shelter acting director. “Kitty Hall brings awareness to the important, lifesaving work that we do, which ultimately helps us to save more lives. It’s a great family event where you can to learn more about the Seattle Animal Shelter and add a new furry companion to your household.”

Mayor Murray and the Seattle Animal Shelter created the first Kitty Hall in 2014. At least nine other cities and rescue organizations across the United States have since adopted the idea for their own Kitty Hall events.

The Seattle Animal Shelter, located at 2061 15th Ave. W., is open from noon to 6 p.m. Tuesday-Sunday for adoptions and licensing. For more information, call 206-386-PETS (7387) or visit

Kitty Hall is back – Monday, Aug. 21 at Seattle Kitty Hall

Cuddling an adoptable kitten at the 2016 Kitty Hall

Kitty Hall returns on August 21 in Seattle City Hall to promote the Seattle Animal Shelter cat fostering programs and cat adoptions.

“It’s a celebration of felines, the Seattle Animal Shelter, SAS foster programs and our wonderful, supportive Seattle community,” said Interim Volunteer Supervisor Laura Mundy.

Although previous Kitty Hall attendees proved they will wait in long lines to play with kittens, SAS will reduce this year’s wait times by providing two to three tents, instead of just one. SAS will fill tents in the Bertha Knight Landes Room at City Hall with kittens from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., and some will be available for adoption, according to Mundy.  

SAS volunteers will be on hand with information on fostering programs, on-site adoptions, pet licenses for cats or dogs, a kitty photo booth and donation opportunities. All donations will go to the shelter’s Help the Animals Fund, said Mundy.

As an SAS cat foster parent, Lauren Foster said to come excited and bring your kids.

“Your cheeks are going to hurt from smiling so much,” said Foster.

A job worthy of her namesake, Foster got involved with SAS through the cat program by fostering two cats – Teddy and Mag. She said the SAS team supported her through her experience by providing vet needs and advice on cat care.

Since cats are social creatures, they feel more comfortable in a foster home while they wait for adoption. SAS suggests that cats suffering from “shelter stress,” senior cats, injured cats or those recovering from surgery should be in foster care.

The goodbyes were rough, but the time Foster had with the cats made it worth it.

“I look at it as a summer fling, […] you let yourself fall in love even though you know it’s going to end,” said Foster.

Foster allowed herself two months to find the cats a new home and marketed the cats on social media with cute costumes and character biographies.

“Some people think that if you just hit the key notes, like if the cat is female, then they will get adopted, but you have to dig deeper,” said Foster.

The right person can create a loving, temporary home for a cat in need of adoption, according to Foster.

At Kitty Hall, the Cat Foster Team will have more information on fostering and how to visit a cat in foster care for adoption. Visit the Kitty Hall webpage for more information about the event and the SAS volunteer webpage for more information about volunteer opportunities.

Story by Erin Berge, SAS volunteer

Pet of the Week: Kitterman

You’ll love Kitterman’s incredible purr!

Kitterman’s charm is evident as soon as you meet him. He is a loyal and loving companion who wants nothing more than to be a good pet, and with a loud and encouraging purr he will endear you to love him. You best make room on the couch next to you, because he’ll also want to cuddle and press himself against your legs. He loves staring out the window at birds and making chirping noises when he sees them move around. If you offer him a chance at playtime, Kitterman will happily forsake his window spot for a chance to bat at his wand toys.

If you’re interested in meeting Kitterman (ID 31808793), check out his profile to learn more. And even better – Kitterman qualifies for the senior citizen discount!

The Seattle Animal Shelter, located at 2061 15th Ave. W., is open noon to 6 p.m. Tuesday-Sunday for adoptions and licensing. For more information, call 206-386-PETS (7387) or visit

Pet of the Week: Zoe

Zoe will be a loyal companion in her forever home.

Meet Zoe (ID 31366445) — she enjoys being around people and would love to stay near your computer, on your lap and by your head while you’re sleeping. Give her time to thrive in your household, and Zoe’s sweet personality will shine through like the sunshine she loves to bask in. Zoe has some quirks that will keep your household entertained, like using pet steps to jump more easily and going crazy over her catnip toys. She gets along well with other cats and would benefit from a calm and loving home. If you let her, Zoe will be the most loyal companion in your household.

While Zoe awaits her forever home, she’s in the loving care of one of our amazing foster parents. If you’re interested in Zoe, call the Foster Care Hotline at 206-684-0685 to arrange a meeting. For more information about the adoption process, visit

The Seattle Animal Shelter, located at 2061 15th Ave. W., is open noon to 6 p.m., Tuesday-Sunday, for adoptions and licensing. For more information, visit our website at