One Man Killed, Another Wounded by Gunfire at Private Club

Homicide detectives are investigating the circumstances of a shooting this morning at a private motorcycle club in the 900 block of S Doris Street.

Police responded to a report of gunshots at the club just after 4 a.m. When officers arrived, they found two adult male victims injured by gunfire. Seattle Fire medics transported both men to Harborview Medical Center where one of the victims succumbed to his injuries.

Officers searched for the adult male suspect but without success.

As additional details become available, we will post them on the SPD Blotter.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is urged to call SPD Homicide at 206 684-5550.

Seattle’s Top Stolen Cars and Tips to Protect Your Vehicle

If you drive a Honda Accord, Honda Civic or Subaru Legacy—or a car that was made before 2002—there is a greater chance that auto thieves may target your car.

Auto theft remained a key topic of discussion at our SeaStat meeting yesterday. Officers and detectives are working hard to address this problem and reverse the trend.

There were 525 reported auto thefts in Seattle during the month of October and a total of 4715 through the end of October. That’s a 38 percent increase from last year during the same time period.

According to our crime data, 77 percent of cars stolen in Seattle are model year 2001 or older. The top three cars stolen in Seattle year to date are Honda Accord, Honda Civic and Subaru Legacy.

If your car was made in 2001 or older – or you drive an Accord, Civic or Legacy – please consider purchasing a steering wheel lock anti-theft device at a reduced price from the Seattle Neighborhood Group. Follow this link for details.

Auto theft is a crime of opportunity. Consider following the easy steps outlined here and reduce the likelihood that someone will steal your car.

We find 76 percent of all cars reported stolen to our department, and it takes us about 7 days on average to do so.

Learn more about Seattle crime data and how our SeaStat program is working to disrupt it here.


Men in Suits in Pursuit Through Men’s Suits

The Seattle branch of the Secret Service was doing secret service work at a downtown hotel when an employee asked them to check on a man evidently passed out in his room.

Happy to oblige, the agents went to the door and knocked, but there was no answer.

Out of concern for the man’s wellbeing, the agents asked housekeeping to open the hotel room door.

The key was produced, the door was opened and the agents peered inside.

What they saw shocked them.

The trappings of an elaborate cash card forgery operation littered the room. The denizen of said abode emerged from his slumber. The agents inquired if he was alright, to which he answered in the affirmative.

Prudently recognizing that there was more to this situation than met the eye, the agents retreated and called their friendly municipal counterparts to assist.

West Precinct officers and detectives responded and were in the process of securing a search warrant when three male associates of this particular criminal enterprise entered the hotel lobby. After a brief stare down with Secret Service agents while a deeper appreciation of situation set in, one of the three men bolted from the lobby. The other two men wisely surrendered.

The fleeing man ran from the hotel and attempted to elude pursuing agents by cutting through a well-known, locally owned department store. This ploy did not yield the desired result and the game was up at 7th and Union when agents took the man into custody.

While the investigation is still very much ongoing, agents and officers are confident that the tip from hotel staff allowed them to dismantle a sophisticated cash card embossing operation.

Officers booked the 28 year old man and his 22 and 23 year old associates into decidely less luxurious accommodations at the King County Jail.

This investigation remains ongoing. Detectives are still in the process of securing a search warrant, which they will serve once procured.


Read This Before You Attend Torchlight, Not AT Torchlight

The Alaska Airlines Seafair Torchlight Parade is this Saturday, and if last year’s Torchlight Parade and this year’s Seahawks Superbowl victory parade are any indication, our region’s privately-owned cellular networks may become taxed by throngs of cell-phone wielding revelers.

If you’re unable to reach our 911 Call Center in the event your cell phone provider’s network becomes bogged down by a flood of phone calls, tweets and Facebook updates from Torchlight, you can still access emergency services at the parade. Simply locate one the many uniformed police officers or other public safety personnel working along the parade route and ask for assistance.

If you plan on attending Torchlight, you can help keep networks moving smoothly by limiting your phone calls and social media use at the parade and using texts to communicate with friends and family.

Everything else you’ll need to know about Seafair and the Torchlight Parade has been conveniently compiled for your perusal here.

Knife Wielding Man Attacks Woman In Her Home

A man entered a woman’s apartment and attacked her with a knife just after 6 a.m. this morning. The attack occurred in the 4500 block of S Henderson Street.

The victim told officers her assailant is an East African male in his early twenties and that he was wearing a red T-shirt, blue jeans and red and white tennis shoes. She does not know him. The victim told officers she fought back and believes the suspect may have been cut during the attack. At some point, the suspect ran away and the victim called 911.

The victim sustained non-life threatening injuries and was taken to Harborview Medical Center for treatment of stab wounds.

Officers searched the area for the suspect and notified King County Metro Transit of the attack and the suspect’s description. Metro Transit believes the suspect boarded a bus at 46th Avenue South and South Henderson and got off at Rainier Avenue South and South McClellan. Officers are continuing their search.

Crime Scene Investigators are on scene collecting evidence. It’s not known yet how the suspect got into the woman’s apartment. While the weather has been admittedly hot, Seattle residents should take care to make sure that doors and windows are secured, even while home.

Anyone with information about this attack is urged to call 911 immediately.