A Gun, a Machete, and a Stolen Guitar

Officers are in the process of investigating a bizarre robbery that culminated in a motor vehicle collision on Mercer, an escape route blocked by evening traffic, and two armed suspects turning on each other, all apparently over a $1600 guitar.

Just after 6 p.m. this evening, three men and a woman entered Guitar Center in the 500 block of Westlake, stole a guitar, and fled in two separate cars.

For reasons unknown, the suspects began chasing each other, causing a multi vehicle collision and grinding to a halt in Mercer traffic.

One of the male suspects grabbed a machete and confronted another male suspect, jumping on the hood of his car. The other male suspect responded in kind by brandishing a gun.

Responding West Precinct patrol officers arrived quickly and arrested both suspects and seized their weapons. Officers also arrested the female suspect.

The third male suspect walked away and hasn’t been seen since.

Officers recovered the stolen guitar and plan on returning it to Guitar Center. The gun and the machete will be placed into evidence.

All three suspects will be booked into King County Jail for a variety of crimes.

Fortunately, no one was seriously injured during this incident.

South Seattle Shooting Suspect Stops to Gas His Car, Detectives Stop and Arrest Him

Earlier this afternoon, detectives spotted a shooting suspect at a gas station near the 500 block of S Dearborn Street. Police have been actively searching for this  23 year old man. He was wanted for the robbery and shooting of an elderly woman in her home on March 6.

Detectives placed the suspect under arrest and transported him to Seattle Police Headquarters for questioning. Detectives later booked him into King County Jail for Investigation of Robbery and Assault.

This remains an active and ongoing investigation. Anyone with additional information is asked to call Robbery Detective Mike Magan at (206) 684-5540.

Updated: Woman Shot During South Seattle Home Invasion Robbery

EMT Trained Police Officer Saves Life During Paternity Leave

Seattle Police officer and certified EMT Kevin Oshikawa-Clay knows what it’s like to be in the right place at the right time. Just a week into paternity leave following the birth of his second child, Officer Oshikawa-Clay took a breather from his parental duties for an evening soccer match at Asa Mercer Middle School, and ultimately provided life-saving CPR to a man who suffered cardiac arrest. Today, Seattle Fire Chief Harold Scoggins honored Officer Oshikawa-Clay and his family at Seattle Fire Headquarters, presenting him with a letter of appreciation and recognizing him for his life saving actions.

The medical emergency occurred on a warm June evening about midway through the soccer game when a 42 year old man on the opposing team suddenly collapsed. Officer Oshikawa-Clay and one of his team mates, a medical doctor, rushed to his side.

Officer Oshikaway-Clay and the doctor quickly observed that the patient wasn’t breathing. Officer Oshikawa-Clay immediately launched into CPR. Other soccer players ran about 300 yards to Asa Mercer Middle School in search of an automated external defibrillator (AED).  The soccer players had the good fortune to get the attention of a janitor, who directed them to the location of an onsite AED.

Officer Oshikawa-Clay and the doctor deployed the AED, delivering one shock. Seattle Fire Department Medics arrived soon after and delivered another shock with their own AED. All told, Kevin supported the patient with CPR for nearly 10 minutes.

While this unfortunate incident had a happy outcome – the patient has made a full recovery – this is definitely a case where proper training, equipment, and good fortune played a significant role.

Every Seattle Police officer is trained in CPR. Thanks to the generous contributions of Craig Tall and the Seattle Police Foundation, every Seattle Police patrol car is equipped with an AED.

The coincidences don’t end with Officer Oshikawa-Clay being an EMT. Officer Oshikawa-Clay’s wife Sara works for the Medic One Foundation. The patient’s wife works for AED manufacturer Physio Control.

This is Officer Oshikawa-Clay’s second life save. He saved a woman in 2016 when he administered department issued naloxone to an overdose victim.


Seattle Fire Chief Scoggins presented Officer Kevin Oshikawa Clay a letter of appreciation today. Kevin is joined by his wife Sara and two children.


Persistent Police Track Armed Robber to Federal Way Using Find My iPhone App

Just after 2 p.m. this afternoon, Southwest Precinct police officers responded to a report of an armed robbery at a bus stop near Delridge Way and Kenyon Street. The teenage victim reported to officers that a teenage suspect brandishing a handgun approached him, stole his iPhone and ran away.

Police called for a K9 officer in the hopes of tracking the armed suspect nearby. Those efforts did not prove fruitful.

Fortunately for police, the suspect also left an electronic trail.

Using the phone’s location software, Officer Ernie DeBella followed the e-trail to Burien and then later to Federal Way. Officer DeBella successfully tracked the phone to an occupied silver minivan and called for back-up.

With assistance from King County Sheriff’s Office and Federal Way Police Department, officers stopped the minivan. All four passengers got out and ran, but didn’t get far, and were detained by police.

The victim called his iPhone and officers could hear it ringing inside the mini-van on cue. Officers could also see a handgun in the minivan’s interior.

Three of the four occupants were interviewed and released from the scene. The fourth occupant, determined to be the robbery suspect, remained with officers.

While they were questioning the suspect, a recent crime victim approached officers and reported that he recognized the teenage suspect as the person who had robbed him the day before. Federal Way Police will continue to investigate that robbery separately.

Officers impounded the minivan pending receipt of a search warrant.

Officers transported the suspect back to Seattle and booked him into the Youth Service Center.

Man Arrested After Displaying Handgun Outside Broadway Bar

Police patrolling the 1500 block of Broadway around 10 p.m. last night were alerted by a resident that a man with a gun had just left the area. The suspect was armed with a handgun, had his finger on the trigger, and was pounding his chest and breathing heavily. The complainant was especially concerned since a nearby bar seemed to be the focus of the armed man’s attention. The suspect sensed that he was being watched so he got into a car drove away.

Officers searched the area and within about ten minutes, found the suspect stuck in traffic. East Precinct bike officers quickly coordinated with nightlife emphasis foot beat officers and formed a plan for a high risk vehicle stop.

Officers stopped the car and spoke with the suspect. Officers learned that the man had a license to carry a concealed weapon. They also found his loaded 9mm handgun.

Since brandishing a gun isn’t covered by permit, officers arrested the man for a misdemeanor weapons violation.

Many thanks to the watchful resident for seeing something suspicious and then quickly sharing the information with bike officers who were patrolling the area.