Seattle Police Investigate Police Shooting on Ship Canal Bridge

Seattle Police detectives are investigating after two Washington State troopers shot and wounded man armed with a knife. SPD is conducting this investigation at the request of the Washington State Patrol.

Just before 7 p.m., the Washington State Patrol received multiple calls of a man who had parked his truck across two lanes of south bound I-5 and then set his truck on fire.

Two Washington State troopers and a Washington State DOT Incident Response employee arrived on scene quickly. One of the troopers and the WSDOT employee began to extinguish the flames while the second trooper contacted the suspect.

The suspect displayed a knife and advanced on the trooper. The trooper used his Taser but this failed to subdue the suspect. The armed suspect continued to advance. Both troopers fired their duty handguns, striking the suspect and stopping him.

Seattle Fire medics transported the suspect to Harborview Medical Center for treatment of life threatening injuries.

Detectives shut down all south bound lanes on I-5 just north of the Ship Canal bridge in order to process the crime scene and search for evidence. Traffic has been diverted to the Express Lanes.

This information is preliminary and subject to change as the investigation proceeds.

Anyone who may have witnessed this incident is asked to call the Seattle Police Homicide Unit at 206 684-5550.

Ballard Argument Ends in Stabbing

Officers arrested a 27-year old man after stabbing a man in the arm late Tuesday evening in the Ballard neighborhood.

Officers were called to NW 85 Street and Mary Avenue NW just after 11 p.m. to a report of a knife attack. Officers arrived quickly and, with the victim’s assistance, located the suspect and arrested him.

Officers learned that the suspect had just left a nearby tavern when he encountered the 39 year-old victim. An argument ensued. It culminated when the suspect produced a knife and stabbed the victim. Undeterred by his injury, the victim called 911 and followed the suspect as he ran away.

The suspect was still in possession of a bloody knife. Officers relieved him of the weapon and placed it into evidence. Seattle Fire Medics transported the victim to a nearby hospital with serious but non-life threatening injures, whilst the suspect was taken to jail.

Hash Oil Chemicals Found At Scene of Fire in South Park Neighborhood

Fire investigators found chemicals used to make hash oil at the scene of a trailer fire Tuesday afternoon in the South Park neighborhood, which left a 36-year-old woman badly burned.

Just before 2pm police and firefighters responded to the blaze near 8th Ave South and South Portland St Where they found smoke pouring from a large refrigeration trailer . According to the caller a woman was injured as a result of the fire. Officers also found the woman two blocks from the scene of the fire and immediately requested medics.

Firefighters extinguished the fire and transported the 36-year-old woman to Harborview Medical Center for treatment.

A witness at the scene told an officer that the burn victim was known around the neighborhood as the “Hash Lady” and had reportedly been using volatile and dangerous chemicals to  produce hash oil.

The Fire Marshall and SPD’s Arson Bomb Squad are investigating the fire.

Damages are estimated at $8000 to $10,000 dollars, with the trailer being a total loss.

Bike Officers Follow Their Noses to Teens Felons With Stolen Gun In Rainier Beach

Bike patrol officers recovered a stolen handgun and arrested two teens after coming across a group of young men smoking marijuana in an alleyway during school hours Thursday afternoon.

Around 1:45 PM, bike officers were riding through the alley in the 4500 block of S. Henderson Street when they noticed the scent of recently-smoked marijuana in the air and spotted a group of five teenagers—who appeared to be around 14 or 15 years old—huddled behind some bushes.

When officers approached the teens, they noticed several of the increasingly-nervous boys also had very bloodshot eyes.

Given that all of the young men were clearly under 21 years old—making them ineligible to legally possess marijuana—officers asked the teens which of them was carrying weed. The group pointed to a marijuana-filled cigar tossed in some nearby bushes. Another teen boy also pulled a small bag of marijuana out of his pocket, which he handed over to officers.

Officers recognized one 15-year-old boy in the group was wanted on a robbery warrant and handcuffed him. Suddenly, a 14-year-old boy took off running, dropping a handgun—loaded with hollow point bullets—as he fled.

Officers chased down the 14-year-old and booked him and the 15-year-old—who already have felonies on their records—into the Youth Service Center for being felons in possession of a firearm, which police learned had been stolen in Renton.

Officers also contacted the families of the other three boys and released them to their parents.



Two Men Arrested on Beacon Hill After Shooting

A 31 year-old man and his 26 year old brother were arrested last night by the Seattle Police following a shooting in the 1900 block of S Lander St.

Just after 10 pm on May 21st a woman called 911 to report that her friend’s ex-boyfriend was on her porch pounding on the door, making threats and was armed with a gun. While standing on the front porch shouting threats, the suspect fired the gun placing the victim and her nine month old in serious danger.

Following the shooting the suspect got into his car and fled the scene. Officers contacted the victim who was understandably shaken, but thankfully uninjured.

Patrol officers located the suspect vehicle on Beacon Hill with the suspect still inside. The man was arrested for a felony charge stemming from the shooting and felony harassment. The second man was arrested on a gun possesion charge, while the third was interviewed a released from the scene.

Officers could see two guns inside the suspect’s car which was impounded. The guns will be recovered after a search warrant is obtained.