Teams assessing spill clean-up; Cheers, Emergency Responders!

The far right WB lane of W Marginal Way, at Chelan Ave SW, remains closed as teams assess a gasoline clean-up effort. For those unaware, half of a double tanker truck carrying fuel rolled over in West Seattle last night, around 10:30 PM, leaking an estimated 2,800 to 3,200 gallons of gas in the area–and keeping the roadway closed for nearly 12 hours.


Vaccum truck staged in R lane.

Vacuum truck helps remove fuel from storm drain system. | 8.2 5:30 PM

Traffic flow resumed after 10 AM, but with one westbound lane closed for staging equipment. The transportation company responsible for the spill is paying for the clean-up, with hired contractors (NRC) operating a special vacuum truck to pull fuel from the storm drainage system. Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) Spill Response and Safety is monitoring closely and will report out when more is known.


Foaming the fuel to reduce fire risk.

Seattle Fire Department sprays spill with fire retardant foam. | 8.2 6:36 AM

The Seattle Fire Department worked overnight and into the morning, keeping the flammable spill covered with a fire retardant, as clean-up work continued.

SPU notes that between most of the spill and drainage outfall into the river, there is a large oil/water/separator in place for just such an emergency. More information is expected after results are analyzed.


Thank you emergency responders!

In emergencies like this, no matter the time or place, first responders and incident management teams are there. As we all await an updated report on containment, we want to thank everyone for their dedication in protecting the community and the environment. Cheers, to the response teams!