SPU Proposes to Update Charges for Development-Related Services

Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) plans to update charges for development-related services on Oct. 1, 2018, pending the adoption of a director’s rule. SPU sets separate charges for specific services the utility performs for individual customers.

As part of SPU’s revised Strategic Business Plan, approved by City Council last year, the utility was directed to update its charges for the installation and connection of new water services (taps), to ensure the charges recover the actual costs associated with providing these services.

To increase predictability, fairness, and transparency to customers, SPU also plans to update separate charges for other development-related services including water main extensions, hydrant services, drainage and wastewater core taps, and others. Updating these charges will ensure that SPU is recovering the full cost and that ratepayers are not subsidizing these individual services.

To update separate charges, SPU will need to adopt a director’s rule. The public can comment on the rule during a formal comment period in August 2018.

These 2018 charge updates include a portion of SPU’s separate charges. A phased approach will be implemented to update the remaining separate charges. Future charge updates will be reviewed on a recurring schedule.

For more information, and to review the draft Director’s Rule, read SPU’s blog article.